Worst. Glitches. Ever

Im glad this has never happend to me. But I have had jimbo and tector hoduck glitch out and become unkillable but that’s a simple fix.

Oo, how do you fix it? I’ve fallen afoul of that one

Just save and quite. Or going to lynchwood and than coming back out May fix it idk never tried that way.

The Terra-reset bug JUST happened to me. Nearly completed my first solo run. Mr Torgue would have been proud of the language I used

For bugged Digi surveyors, Homing Quasars or other sufficiently damaging Homing grenades generally kill them.

So it’s not just me? My co-op partner thought I was making it up lol

Nope not just you.

I was farming Savage Lee tonight. He was jumping all over the place, there were Bullymongs involved, usual stuff. Then Lee jumps energetically toward me - and never comes back down. He just kept on going up, up and away! It was quite a strange sight.

Dropped a gun inside Claptrap’s Place – damn thing vanished through the wall separating the living area from the FTS. Rule one – do not toss things at walls.

That unfortunately happens in a LOT of places: the bank vault room and the fast travel station have both eaten gear on me, as have random rocks and cliff faces.

@VaultHunter101: It’s one of the main reasons I gave up on TPS. Losing it through the wall was bad enough – it dropping through the floor [=flat ground!] was WTF. Granted that this problem existed in B2, but it thankfully didn’t happen nearly as commonly.

I’ve had that happen a few times as well. I guess he had an important appointment somewhere.

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I’ve seen Goliath do that before they just kinda fly up to beyond the stars.

I’ve seen a video of Bunker doing the exact same thing. That, and him doing his lootsplosion way out in the far distance…

@Piemanlee Wait, this?:

@VaultHunter101: Ugh, that is garbage.

I looked on it as a form of justice for the player recording the video simply killing Bunker too quickly - if the fight was really that easy, you shouldn’t get such a large reward :wink:

Now imagine having that happen with OP8 Vorac at the end of a grueling fight. Two times straight.
Melee characters can still get him if they’re quick about it, but Maya isn’t a melee character.

The physics in this game can be Unreal at times! :dukecheese:

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Oh god…my head…:dukefp:
‘Salt the wound’, as the man said…

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Why oh Y axis

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