Worst. Glitches. Ever

Today I was doing a co-op OP 8 Terramorphus farm and we got to about 1/4 of his health left when he disappeared underground, and just … never came back up. I guess we scared him sufficiently to feel in need of a vacation.

Aside from the gun shop and unmentionable d*p**g, what other weird or irritating glitches have you guys encountered during gameplay? Not necessarily a gearbox-fix-it post, just intruiged.

Here, the true definition of 'Invincible"…
no health bar…with maliwan shock smg…

I can target him, but shooting is pointless.
luckily i have a lvl 18 Transformer in my backpack. :smile: Let him shoot me and proceed to next area.


@hattieinduni Not sure if these count, but…: Things the AI has done to piss you off

When Terra bounces you so high, you “leave” his arena and his health resets before you land.

When a Digistruct surveyor gets stuck somewhere up in the crags, noclipped into the rocks and you can’t see it, let alone kill it.

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Terra pisses me off the most. Was trying to solo Terra the other day and I kept getting killed by those tentacles. When I would go into FFYL the tentacle would just vanish off the screen, didn’t go underground just disappeared. Happened twice and that was enough for me, such BS!

Yes, Terra can be intensely annoying that way (though when you do scrape a second wind it’s such a relief). “Love the tentacle!”

I think my most annoyed moment in the whole game was entirely my fault. In my first playthrough I was about to do the wildlife preserve and gazing out across the sparkling sea to opportunity; it was so beautiful I tried to take a screenshot, but accidentally pressed “-” which made me drop my only legendary into the unreachable water


I haven’t saw many glitches in this game but, the worst one has to be my guns randomly disappearing and not coming back. I lost a perfect parts heart breaker and a rustlers twister due to this happening

Aw man, that sucks! I hope you recovered them (or at least found things equally pleasing).

I got a new twister but not a new heart breaker (kinda ironic) its my favorite gun in the game btw lol

This isn’t a bad glitch but this just happened lol

I love those moments! I also enjoyed the time a bandit patrol car got stuck in Ellie’s garage


Haha that’s great

@hattieinduni Were we in the same session to be seeing that? I remember I was fiddling with the VMs, and wondering why I was taking friendly fire from ‘our’ Technical…

I remember getting double-whammed, realizing almost instantly after processing that the Technical wasn’t ‘ours’ that what was happening – Bandit Technical in a safe area (=Ellie’s Junkyard) attacking me – should not be happening.

No pics, but last night one got stuck under the ramp that you can take coming out of Ellie’s. Took me quite a while to figure out exactly where the thing was - I could see the dot on the minimap, and hear the bandits cussing me, but until I was at just the right angle I couldn’t actually see it. About a week ago, one managed to land on top of the trash pile on the right of Ellie’s (as you look at the front entrance), up near the crusher and right against the map edge. No way I could get anywhere for a clear shot, so homing grenades.

And I thought I was a lousy driver in Borderlands 2!

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I got stuck in the spot under ther bridge in the Marcus dlc last night. The spot where the ice is before you break it and even after we broke it I was still stuck.

I’ve seen them drive off the side quite frequently.


The Bloodwing audio glitch. A very annoying glitch :stuck_out_tongue:


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And I, being too intent on shooting them, have followed :frowning:


At least you come back, albeit with a lighter wallet. :dukecheese:


Oh God, you’ve just brought a repressed memory of that glitch back to my consciousness. The Wildlife Preserve is my least favourite part of the story and I dragged my way through it in my first try at uvhm, nearly finished off Bloodwing, and then - glitch - HE WOULD’T. DIE. And I had to do it all again.

Possibly the lowest moment in my many hours of gameplay. The horror!