Worst gun in B3.......Change My Mind



Poor Ava, she just wants to be a vault hunter.


Sorry…wrong picture. Ava sucks too


I’d say the one you start out with is pretty bad.

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Infinity has been my main squeeze since I first laid my hands on one. Sure, I don’t use it often because other stuff kills faster, but it’s ol’ reliable with my Infinity builds.

No, I don’t think I will try to prove you wrong. Anything I say or argue will be met with some random factoid about meta and dps or this and that about optimization and I’ll just sit here holding down the fire trigger and launching fastballs at my enemies every few seconds and ignore it.

Never gonna understand the point of “change my mind” posts on the internet. Humans have this inherent defensive posture they assume when their beliefs are challenged and presenting the “change my mind” is assuming the posture before anyone even bother to try saying you’re wrong.


Boring gun, any gun that can kill you just for shooting it is horrible

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Sorry what? Kill you for just shooting it? How?

It sucks that bad is how. The buzzsaw blades bounce back worse than the flakker

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Buzzsaw blades? Now I’m confused. On my phone, I see the Infinity, which doesn’t shoot buzzsaw blades.

Yeah really confused what you guys are saying?

Also not gonna try to defend the Infinity; I personally love it, but that’s subjective


Op says infinity is the worst, commenter says he thinks THE Boring Gun is worse due to it killing yourself

Nono I mean the mention of sawblades and the kill just by using it thing. I don’t get what they mean by that

Oh, right. It wasn’t clicking. I thought he was calling the Infinity a boring gun.

The Boring Gun is a gun that fires sawblades that can ricochet off walls and kill you.

It is a shotgun with wide spread (so stay close to hit) and high splash radius

AH gotcha. I didn’t know there was a gun with that name, thanks!

Yah confused me as well till I had 'nam flashbacks of that gun downing me


Quadomizer, The Lob, (The jakobs rifle legendaries pre patch), (All snipers pre patch)
Now YOU change MY mind.

A cryo infinity is awesome, it also happens to be the weapon I lost to a crash so, yeah, still hate myself. Why couldn’t I just not crash the game with the nagata again.

Cognitive dissonance is a wondrously powerful thing. While I don’t want to change OP’s mind, to attempt such a thing would be a lesson in futility. This is reddit-level bait.