Worst interface I've had to deal with in my 35 years of gaming

What the actual hell is wrong with the interface in this game?

  • It lags incredibly. This has been an issue since release.
  • You can’t close the inventory properly. This happens all the time now. You have to click several times or move the mouse to be able to close it with ESC.
  • Tooltips refuse to display all the time. They just won’t. You have to close and re-open the inventory and sometimes it’ll work, but often you have to do it several times.
  • Equipping items or moving them doesn’t work either sometimes. It’s just incredibly clunky and non-responsive.
  • Just can’t select items to mark them as favorites or trash either sometimes. The game just refuses to select them. You move the mouse over an item and it’ll flash briefly and then deselect it.
  • Trying to teleport to places won’t work sometimes. You click your location on the map but the game won’t react to it at all. Sometimes you have to close and re-open the map and do the whole process several times before the game acknowledges that you’re clicking a waypoint.
  • Spending skillpoints won’t work sometimes. You click a skill and nothing happens. Again you have to close and re-open the window.
  • Selling or moving things in the inventory will put you back at the top again. So if you want to sell or move two or more items that are not at the top, you have to scroll down all over again every single time. Yes, I know you can pre-select items to sell and then sell them all at once, and this is literally the only way of doing it right now without losing your mind due to how crappy it is coded currently.
  • Icons load slowly.
  • Everything in general feels slow and unresponsive.
  • Long skill descriptions in the skill tree won’t fit on screen (I’m playing on an ultrawide at 3440x1440). There is a scroll bar displayed but there’s no way to scroll down. Mouse wheel doesn’t do anything and even clicking the scroll bar with your mouse won’t do anything.
  • Items on the ground sometimes refuse to display their tooltips so you have to pick them up to look at the stats.
  • Some items won’t display all of their stats. My best guess is because they don’t “fit” into the stat window. Ironically this was also an issue in BL2. Guess we better bring along even broken stuff from previous games.

Literally the worst interface I’ve ever dealt with in a game and I’ve played games almost daily since 1984. If you have had issues since the game was released and have had to patch and optimize things several times and it still sucks this bad, then this whole thing needs to be re-written from scratch. It’s just awful and whoever coded this shouldn’t be allowed to write interface code again in an AAA game. Even random indie games do it miles better. There’s just something fundamentally wrong with how it is coded.

And your QA team is utter crap. Seriously. Bugs everywhere in this game and it takes just a little bit of regular playing to find them. Skills that are still broken since release even.


Yup, it’s gotten worse. It was actually better before the last two patches. Now I’m seeing things like having to press TAB multiple times to get out of inventory. It was better before when you needed to get out quick.
Comparing items is clunkier too, it shows a gun info panel before you even mouse over another gun.

Oh well, between this and the season pass 2 debacle on epic store, it’s 2 steps forward 1 step back. Hope the Epic exclusivity was worth it…

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Agreed. It is a terrible interface. Frankly, the game itself runs terribly on PC but, then again, no Borderlands game has run smoothly. It’s an issue with their engine implementation.

9900k/2080ti here. The only thing that allows the game to run smoothly 90% of the time is turning Texture Streaming to Low which decreases fidelity but, if its turned to Ultra, the game is a stutterfest anytime loot/enemies load.

The only reason I keep playing is Borderlands 3 is a fantastic looter/shooter if you ignore the above and forget the story exists.

Agree with all that and it don’t age well like other games that get more fixes than bugs introduced per patch - BL3 gets worse and less player-friendly each patch.

Beside what you listed here are bugs that wasn’t on the release either

  • Last vehicle settings aren’t saved meaning have to re-select body + parts each darn time. Dunno if thats when mouse selected only or if its no matter what input is used… shouldnt matter.
  • Resolution scaling gets set to about 50% when i start the game even when the UI have 100% reported, setting it to 125 and back to 100%… look its 100% now as it claims.

QA seems to be completely thrown out the window… they would find any of these bugs in the first 20 minutes or perhaps Gearbox just have stopped to care about the game…