Worst Item You've Found? (For I'ts Level)

Found a Twitchy Wound Class Mod that only grants +5% Fire Rate at OP1.

I think that the game teaches to ignore below certain level of rarity items. Heck, after certain point players start ignoring even pearlescent beams coming from ground. If about the topic then I think that majority of perlescent and seraph items are pathethic for their “level” compared with even purple/blue items.

This was pretty bad.

A relic literally can’t add less than that. :acmsmile:

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I have played the game for years and I ALWAYS pick up pearlescents and Seraphs… there’s just somethign about the rarity that makes you want to pick it up. Even if I often end up selling them, I just can’t leave them there :stuck_out_tongue:

on topic: No pic but I have found an OP2 Cat COM with +10% damage increase (the legendary offers around 130%)