Worst Lore Challenges

Anyone else think a lot of the Lore challenges are really dumb? Here are some of the worst

Ghalt: Get first blood in pvp 10 times. This is just nuts. Getting first blood once is hard enough. Having to do it 10 times is just insane. The whole thing is mostly luck-based. You could play 100 pvp matches, win all of them, and never get first blood a single time. Getting the first kill of a match is really hard to do regardless of individual skill. At the very least, an assist on the first kill should count as much as the kill itself.

Whisky Foxtrot: Good lord what were they thinking with him? 25 kills on Oscar Mike (again, luck based, since you have to be lucky enough to be playing against him), 2,500 enemies pushed back (a useless level upgrade that serves no purpose other then clearing the challenge), 500 melee kills (on a ranged character). All of these things are a chore.

Caldarius: 150 melee kills with Rath (Caldarius is mainly a ranged character, and), 1600 double jumps? 1,600? Really? It had to be that high? What is the point of this? Just to make the player tap the jump button a lot?

The lore achievements should be fun things that test individual skill. But far too often they are just dumb luck or mindless busy work that serves no valid in-game purpose.


The PvP challenges. All of them. :unamused:


What don’t you like about the pvp?

I think Benedicts 3 hours of gliding is a rather rediculously tedious task

Almost all characters have at least one tedious challenge. El Dragon needs to kill 1000 minions with Dragon Spalsh and run through 4 enemies 100 times with Clothesline, it’s annoying, but because of the grind I feel like I accomplished more. Toby, Alani, and Galilea have 3 of the worst

Yeah the Benedict one is really bad. I haven’t played much of him, so I didn’t think of it.

I don’t have anything against pvp (other then the limited level selection). More general challenges such as “kill 25 battleborn” would be fine. But the absurdly specific ones like “Kill one type of battleborn” or “get first blood” is ridiculously contrived.

I just prefer the challenges to be based on skill rather then luck or bordem tolerance.

The worst lore challenges?
Toby’s Killing on the Rails. (Get 10 double kills with his core discharge ult) His ult is horribly underpowered and his character model design makes it very easy to get picked apart in PvP.

Anyone with a “Kill X Battleborn 25 times” Lore Challenge. I feel these are kind of stupid not from a lore prospective but from a gameplay one. It’s just too heavily based on RNG or Luck.

Every Non PvP lore achievement can be done easily enough in story mode. For the ones requiring killing a large amount of a specific faction enemy type its just a matter of finding the best mission for it.


As a Master of WF and Cald, I’ve got a bit of experience with those lore challenges. Whiskey’s lore is a huge pain, and while it’s not absolutely the worst (that honor goes to Killing on Rails), killing 25 Oscar Mikes is really hard unless you’re lucky and run into bad ones. The push back might seem stupid, but I always take the push back in pve anyways; it’s way better to keep yourself safe against a whole crows of mobs than slow a single one, and his quick melee one took my by surprise since his quick melee is actually probably one of the most damaging in the game and can get crits in the multiple hundreds. They’re kinda grindy, but that’s just the nature of this game.

In terms of Caldarius, I finished his lore challenges in like 4 days. 1600 seems like a lot of double jumps, but honestly I’m pretty grateful for that lore challenge. If you’re not double jumping all the time in combat, you’re doing it wrong. As for his melee one, the bad part about that is Rath. Cald’s melee is great for clearing mobs or minions and finishing off enemy battleborn (and when worst comes to worst, large shards count too), and 150 kills isn’t all that much.

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The Whisky Foxtrot push-back ugrade is totally useless. The other two options are better since they contribute to killing enemies. You don’t shove people in a murder-fight, you find the most effective way to kill them. Besides, if I need to knock someone back, I can just use the melee attack.

WF’s melee attack is excellent, but it’s slow and it’s not practical to use all the time since he is a ranged warrior. You don’t want to let him get surrounded by mobs, so that limits how much you can use melee attacks. 500 is just a staggering number that takes forever to get too.

For Caldarius, you seem to be confusing him with Super Mario. His double jump rarely serves any practical purpose. I’ve cleared all the levels on normal with him, and almost all the levels on advanced, and there was only a few times when it really helped me.

His melee strikes, are good, but having to do the achievement with Rath sucks. Not just because you need to get lucky to have someone select him, but also because he tends to steal all the melee kills you are trying to get, since he’s made exclusively for this sort of thing.

Once I beat all the other lore challenges with Caldarius, i’ll probably just put on a movie on my laptop and tap the jump button endlessly while watching it until I reach 1,600. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

All challenges that require other players to complete. From kill X number of this character to do something while teamed with X character this number of times.


Atleast on the “Play with X character/faction/characters” acheivments you can do things actively to finish them ranging from partying with someone you know that will select the character you need to waiting for other players to pick a character you need to play with for lore then choosing your character. Fortunately most of these play with achievements work both ways so the person picking the other character can sometimes benefit to their own lore challenges as well.

I only had to play 3 story missions as caldarius with rath to get all my melee kills. Getting them with rath is actually easier because rath’s 2 basic skills apply CC effects. The double jump gives caldarius a greater degree of aerial mobility and control that most other characters don’t possess. I found all of caldarius’s lore extremely easy but then I play him as a highly mobile short range skirmisher.

The Hit 3 Enemies A 100 Times With Crossblade ( = 3 enemies simultaneously! A piece of info which you perhaps could consider including in the challenge description, @jythri, since at least I kept hitting 3 enemies, but 1 after 1, for the longest time without understanding why those hits never seemed to count … ) for Rath.

Even after I got that 3 need to be hit in same hit, that baby took/takes foreeever …

Grinding incarnate.

It’s the most useful part about his kit, though. It’s not about jumping high, it’s about jumping far. Rath trying to do his knockup+ult combo on you? Too bad, I’m already gone!
That challenge encourages you to play Caldarius like he should be played - always moving. He isn’t a mobile character just for the laughs.

He should be played in a similar sense as Mellka, except move even more than her. If you can keep your aim on a target when jumping all over the place you can wreck face and be extremely hard to kill at the same time. (Notice that mobility and agility aren’t as useful against AI enemies)
The worst Caldarius players I’ve seen in PvP did not take advantage of his movement and just ended up dying a bunch.

I once harassed an entire team to their spawn single handed. They couldn’t catch me, neither could their turrets. I constantly jumped into the danger zone, dealt damage and then escaped almost unscathed. That is the power of the Double Jump of Caldarius.

(Sry he is one of my fave characters, along with Whiskey so I felt I had to butt in a little.)

Also, Whiskeys melee can oneshot all primal thralls and also shreds pretty much everyone else in seconds with critical hits. Once you get Killer Regen, it’s not at all a bad idea to run through some missions (Void’s Edge is my fave for this) and just Melee. Got the Lore done in a few matches and had a ton of fun while doing it.
WF is not exclusively a ranged character, there are many ways to play him. I mean, scrap cannon is pretty useless at range.

His push back challenge also registers at 250 push backs, not 2,500. A typo on the challenge? Who knows.

Kill 25 OMs is a chore though. All of the challenges like this are. Poor Ambra.

Completed this in a few minutes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: choughTime bending jump padscough

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Basically all PVP lore challenges are a pain and shouldn’t have been exclusive to PVP in the first place since the majority of users (going with what I’ve read in other threads) tend to not even do PVP like myself at all and couldn’t care less for Incursion/Capture/Meltdown matches

I still hold to the fact that every lore should have had two options. A PVP way to unlock it and a PVE way to unlock it

The “kill 1000 minions” or “fly this many times” are tedious - Yes
BUT they are do-able and solo-able just by playing the game

PVP not so much especially when nobody plays Ambra anymore and getting a double kill on any character is even a feat in and of itself (let alone with Toby ult)


I love PvP but the lore challenges shouldn’t be part of it. All lore should be unlockable through PvE since PvP is a whole different story than PvE and much harder and/or luck based.
Killing specific heroes is a pain in the ass. Getting first blood 10 times with Ghalt is a joke… I had luck when I got first blood once and unlocked the title.
Another challenge that absolutely sucks is getting 20 airborne kills on players with Thorn. Maybe I’m too bad at playing her, but I think it’s pretty hard. They should change it to killing ANY enemy airborne… Not just players.


You just have to time it right when to jump and shoot after you’ve whittled them down (or kill steal ><) if you can make it to lvl 7 vaulting hunter helix makes it so much easier for sure.

And make sure your not catching people with blight at the end of there health bars I had a couple perfect air volleys lost to blight. Other then that it’s frustrating when you get assists instead of the killing blow with your volley but keep at it

I’m proud of my master of thorn title and I’m sure you will be too :smile:

I doubt I’ll ever get that title haha
I hate playing Thorn in PvP because my timing sucks and she is so squishy. I can either concentrate on killing or not dying. Plus I’m sure the game is gonna be dead before I get those kills. (Another reason why they should give us an option of unlocking every challenge through PvE… Since the player base is rapidly declining and MTs sure won’t lure new players in).

Just one word: Alani.

To be honest, the overly-■■■■■■■■ challenges do force you to really get invested in the character, it helps you learn their weaknesses and strengths, when to attack and when to retreat, etc

I was joking with a friend that I would do El Dragōn’s ‘Fired Up’ challenge (Kill 50 players while En Fuego) as a sort of masochistic challenge as we assumed it would be very difficult, but within a couple of days I had it done. It really helped me learn The Dragon and he swiftly became my favourite character actually.

Even Thorn’s volley kills came surprisingly easy to me, I had 17/20 in one night. And again helped me learn her a bit better, she’s actually an animal with the right gear/helix

But yeah, El Dragoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!

I think I read somewhere that GBX were going to give the “Kill [Battleborn] X times” challenges, among others, a ‘stern looking over’, or something along those lines. I do hope they make the challenges earnable in private matches or PvE though, because while I love the game I’d hate to leave the trophy list so… unfinished.

These challenges seems to be earnable in private match, but they still are a pain, I mean, kill 25 Ambra for Gal AND Alani? Seriously?