Worst matchmaking ever?

So, I’ve played a lot of games at 32 years old and I just haven’t ever seen matchmaking this bad. A game starts, and there’s me (who sucks) at lvl 14 paired with a bunch of single digit level’d players who likely have terrible gear like I do and maybe one other player in the teens. Then, once the team fills up, I look across at what appears to be a powerhouse…20s, even lvl 30s and I can’t help but wonder…was this even considered in development? I mean, if a team is running a premade group let them wait to encounter another instead of walking all over scrubs. Further, as bad as I am, I don’t recall ever having a record this abysmal. Maybe it’s because until recently I wouldn’t just leave a game based on the level of my teammates, but lately I’ve been forced to in order to try and get some fun amidst the frustration of losing 75 percent of the time in 40 games, with maybe 20 of them surrendered in the first 15-20 minutes. If the game isn’t fun, or matchmaking makes it completely unfair, then all your hard work is wasted. I ask you fix this asap as well as the game-breaking hero we know as Galilea…again I wonder who in QA is stealing a paycheck. I’ve never made that bold a statement, and I know the whole internet anonymity allows for such venom, but I really had high hopes for this game and they’re quickly evaporating. You’ve already got my money and it’s probably too late to ask for a refund. But at this rate any extra cash flow I throw towards video games will be at your competitors if some basic changes can’t be made. Good luck gearbox.


If you’re on steam go into View > Players > Recent Games and add some people to your friends list who you like playing with, that’s what i do.

I’m sure people will get better as time goes on though.

Matchmaking is complete unfair atm .

I often see groups of lvl (3 - 4 - 12 - 4 - 8) VS (32 - 23 - 34 -28 - 24)

The skill / lvl ballanced matchmaking system isnt active. All groups are gatherd randomly.

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pic of one of my matches.

needless to say we got wrecked and I wouldn’t be surprised if the lvl 2 on my team asked for a refund.


Lol, that’s not even bad compared to most of my games.

When I play grouped with friends we dominate (usually anyways) and I either have the most kills (or near it at least) or I have the most healing BY FAR if I play Miko AND crap tons of assists… however, when I’m not grouped with friends my average matches make your screenshot look like a totally fair and balanced game. I’d be happy to be in the game of your screenshot hahahahhaha. Not even joking…

This was from a couple days ago. Its gotten worse now. I saw a 4 man with 2 level 40s and a couple mid 20s. Our team max was myself at 11 and we had a lvl 2. I don’t mind new players needing to learn I have nothing against them and welcome the extra potential opponents. I don’t mind taking some time to show them what little I have learned to help. But this environment is not helpful for them learning the game or having fun.

not that bad. I played solo. about even.

i think ive literally made around a total of 300 comments on the subject, spanning back as far as day 2 of the close test last year. i had conversations on here with randy and joe about matching premades against solo players. the release of the game got moved back several months on top of the several months that they would have had if they had stuck to the original launch date. yet every other game i queue, i am playing against a different premade. common sense would tell you that it cant possibly be that hard to put those teams against each other. destiny has two entire playlists called freelance where you cant even queue with a teammate. so it is clearly not a hard thing to manipulate matchmaking in such a way. teams of two should be the max in pubs. if you have more people you want to play with, then there is a private match system, forums on here, a reddit forum that probably has twice the people this does… it isnt hard to find private matches if you want them or had to have them to play in a premade


[quote=“transom1, post:4, topic:1413037”]
and I wouldn’t be surprised if the lvl 2 on my team asked for a refund.
[/quote]Sadly it’s not going to be just the level 2s. You can hit 8 or so just playing the story missions once through, but even these players are going to look into other games if things don’t improve in the next week.
As much as I love this game, I’m seriously considering getting store credit and using that on Overwatch if it does have a system that works.

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Command rank has nothing to do with matchmaking. And the match making is no diff in this game then ones like cod etc. Some ppl are just better at the game. That will always be the case no matter how they change it.

I think I should have done a screenshot of both the matchmaking screen and the end stats of the match with the highest average command rank I did. Everyone was between low 40 and 68 (was two days ago I think?), the other side was a 5 man team and our side was a 4 man team+ me as a random.

Well, to sum it up, our side got wrecked. And when Isaid wrecked, I mean it. We were just chain murdered all game without being able to do anything. One of their player went 20-1 against us. And that one death took 3 of us to accomplish. I think even their healer went something like 8-0.
We couldn’t kill a thing, couldn’t play objectives, nothing. 100-0 and never a single chance to damage their sentry during the game.

So yeah, command rank means nothing. command rank wise it was the closest game I ever seen from my point of view (since I have a fairly high command rank, and that there’s usually always at least 1 to 3 peoples with low command rank in any game), and on top of this both side were premade. But it was probably one of the game I played that was furthest away from a balanced matchmaking I ever saw. Maybe the furthest.

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Of course some people are better at the game that’s the whole point of match making. It places you against opponents who are close in skill. Those better at the game play against other people who are also better at the game.

So, i made this thread 12 days ago…and I have hardly played since. I tried to give it another chance tonight…and I ended up in a game where we had a lvl 6, and the other team a lvl 60…now that wouldn’t be so bad if the other 4 players weren’t almost double the level of our other 4…I KNOW I HAVE TO BE NICE TO OTHER PEOPLE IN THE FORUMS, SO THIS ISN’T DIRECTED AT YOU, BUT GEARBOX, WAKE THE ■■■■ UP! You already got my money and I couldn’t give a ■■■■ if you ban me from your forums since you don’t take what your customers say seriously anyway, THERE’S EASY SOLUTIONS TO THIS AND WHEN MAKING A COMPETETIVE GAME, THERE’S QA WHICH APPARENTLY YOU IGNORED, THERE’S BETAS, DIDN’T FIX IT THEN, NOW 2 WEEKS AFTER LAUNCH AND YOU HAVEN’T DONE ■■■■. I was a shoe in to buy all the DLC for this game, slam dunk…you’ve now lost me and countless others I’m sure. Btw, that lvl 6, quit 5-7 minutes in. So he’s probably starting to lose interest. It’s sad, such intelligent people work so hard on a project like this, and you let something simple as competitive balance just get ignored.

The matchmaking is skill based and not command level based but there is a corresponding level of skill that comes with experience not present in new players. The likely culprit to the matchmaking problems is the system assigning too high of a hidden MMR level to new players.

There are several ways this can be addressed. You could lower the starting MMR or separate new players into a newbie queue. The main problem with this is it will take longer for talented newbies to meet solid competition but it should mean that most newer players are introduced into stiffer competition better prepared.

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Has anyone got info of when ranked matchmacking willl be introduced to consoles (ps4) ? after 50+ hours of playing pvp im getting bored of casual play, especially that in most cases you can predict a result after couple of minutes into the game, i dont enjoy winnining if the other team has surrended unless I get some kind of motivation in form of ranks, the only other game I play is rocket lageue and considering i paid 10 pounds for it the matchmaking system is spot on. I can myself quitting the game completely if there isnt any pvp changes any time soon.

Although sometimes teams appear to be well matched, there cold be a whole day of complete slaughter. Game after game. My feeling is that even when people “just want to play the game” not worrying about winning, one gets tired of being cannon fodder day after day and moves to another game. Please guys, act quickly before it is too late.

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Worst ever, not sure about that but I think it’s steadily killing the game. Anecdotally among the people I was playing with at the start about half now don’t play and match making is the biggest complaint. Quality of match making is the quality of games. And the problem is that it’s snow balling, as the player pools become smaller matching gets worse or slower.

And I think I’m good side of 50/50 win/loss. But a lot of those wins were unfair matches. A hard fought loss is more satisfying than a facerolling win.

I don’t understand the logic in the matching at all, it makes no sense to me but ELO, rank or whatever is being used just isn’t working. But what I really don’t get is why make teams and then match them at all. Why not get 10 players and then make teams and stick pre-mades in their own queue.

It doesn’t help that the game is intensely unforgiving of mistakes, how hard it is to fight back from a disadvantage, or character imbalances. But these are made worse by the match making.

I actually think the option to surrender should be available right at the start of a game. Flag the game as a “bad match” in the database and save everyone 10-20 minutes of their lives.

I’d be stunned if there is actually MMR based matchmaking that isn’t MASSIVELY elastic (meaning it doesn’t mean anything)

I’ve played several matches, out of roughly 10 there were TWO that were fair, and 8 that were one sided stomps.

Of the two that were fair I won one, and lost the other, the lost one was due to two crybabies tantrum leaving when their vote to leave didn’t go through after our sentry was scratched.

Report them? HAH dream on, that would require … you know… some thought into actual multiplayer games, heck you can’t even talk to each other after a match unless you happened to friend one of them.

THERE NEEDS TO BE PENALTIES FOR LEAVING. Like really really really basic stuff right there.

I really really wanted to like the game, seriously good humor etc, but no, it will not be a long term game for me.

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Jup… i’m with you

Its not matchmakings fault no matter what matchmaking system they use, theirs just not enough players. If they put in things like level restrictions you would be waiting unacceptable queue times.