Worst solo queue ever? Possibly

Had an Orendi go 0-17-0 on my team just now.

Not even an accidental assist with all of her aoe. I was just…flabbergasted. We only lost by score on Incursion by about 10 points.

Between players like that and DCs/leavers I cannot for the life of me get above 50% win rate. It’s really really atrocious. Don’t make me tryhard and group :frowning:

Had a Rath that went 0-14-2 on my team.

Worst thing is, I got an early quadra kill with Thorn, I killed enemy Kleese for first blood, then Alani, then Thorn, then Mellka. Around 8 mins in, I was 7/1

Guess what happened, Rath went on a feed rampage, and Kleese was level 10 with 10/2 while I was level 7 with 9/5

The point of my post is, my command rank is level 39, while that Rath’s command rank is 11, and we were up against 3 level 100s. Fix match making!

Check out what I managed to carry on my spine yesterday: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/486766424828395122/E3462186758CEE73AAA28F289EF9BF4C68EA7F5E/

Geez even on my off days, which have been constant since work, even I can at least get a few kills in

I’m command rank 100, I just went 0-12-1 with Melka, who I’m decent with(usually). We all have our bad days. Everyone was solo que on both teams. Command rank isn’t everything. It’s who is on each team, if they know/play accordingly, and a little luck. I have around %60 win rate too. Matchmaking (Xbox) seems fine to me.

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If your going to post screen shots of “bad players” can you edit out the names first? I really hate this type of topic because it means nothing.

I had 20 deaths on rath yesterday in incursion because it was my first time playing him in pvp and the other team was just better. You can’t tell a good/bad player by one match. They might of been distracted, lag, bad day, new character, better opponent.

I get MM needs some better tweeking but there are already so many topics about that already.

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