Worst Team Comp Possible?

Okay guys, here’s the big one:

What is the absolute worst team comp possible in Battleborn? What team is guaranteed a loss or has absolutely no synergy at all?

If two teams of approximately equal skill play against one another, what team comp will always lose irregardless of the enemy team comp? Assume each player is a true master of the character they are playing.

Also, if you can get a win with it, consider yourselves the kings of Battleborn.

So far here’s what I think is the worst one:

El Dragón, Marquis, Thorn, Attikus, and Caldarius.

No synergy, no support, weak wave clear, little pushing power, very squishy (except Attikus, who is the easiest target and thus dead on arrival), and no hard CC other than El Dragón’s stun at level 5

The only thing they have going for them is their high player killing potential and excellent jungling. Other than that, they probably couldn’t hold a lane if all five were on point.

5 Caldariuses in Chaos Rumble; I tested it, it was so awful. :smiley:

I would say
El Dragon, Mellka, Caldarius, Pendles, and uhhh Montana?

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Replace Marquis with Pendles, Thorn with Whiskey Foxtrot and Caldarius with Oscar Mike.

El Dragon, Pendles, Attikus, Whiskey Foxtrot, Oscar Mike.

That team comp couldn’t push a stroller down lane.


There is no such thing as a weakest comp. It all comes down to the players.


El Dragõn, Mellka, Pendles, Rath, Attikus

This guy gets it. Had a game against a solid 5-stack last night. My team decided to meme on them with El Dragon and 4 healers (Alani, Miko, Reyna, Kid Ultra, and it was the KU’s second game with him). They had a reasonable comp with Alani, Kelvin, Rath, Kid Ultra, and S&A. We went 29/1 (7, 7, 6, 9, 0 respectively, KU had two deaths but one to the sentry with no enemy participation) on kills and won while most of them were still level 5.

What game mode?

When you say that I think of coordinating Flashbang to keep one person blinded to death or completely stop a wave of minions.

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Any team comp that has a Kelvin in iIncursion. I hate that character so much because I haven’t met a single good one since I started playing this game on its released date. It has always been a hindrance to my/opponent team every time.

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Kelvin is actually one of the better characters out there right now, especially in this CC meta. His initiation and setup is one of the best in the game, and his late game is amazing. Problem is, most people don’t know how to play him.


Yeah sounds good on paper but so far there has been 0 good player using him for me. Maybe it is different on the other modes but in Incursion he is awful! That speaks more volume about the character.

Okay people stop putting Mellka on these teams of yours. I have carried worse. :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a Kelvin from Japan who is aaamazing.

Plays with Phoebe from Japan a lot.

Deadly. Incursion. Combo.

Eh, Thorn’s waveclear used to be amazing, but since Blight got nerfed she’s been about average. Still viable in a team comp though.

El Dragón, Kelvin, Oscar Mike, Whiskey Foxtrot, and Reyna.

I think you’re posting in the wrong thread; “Good Team Comps” is in another thread, buddy!

The team you posted is actually pretty solid imo.

I remember getting rekt’d once by a Dragon + Reyna combination. The Glass Cannon wasn’t so glass with that amazing Reyna.


Fair enough. I was thinking along the lines of:

“If two teams of approximately equal skill play against one another, what team comp will always lose irregardless of the enemy team comp? Assume each player is a true master of the character they are playing.”

Actually, I’m putting that in the OP now.

Really? I’ve always found the best support for El Dragón is Alani. I dunno, maybe I’ll try it out with Reyna some time. Still, without a healer, Kelvin is pretty much useless.

So Kelvin is still under the radar, huh? Interesting. He’s in the top third of the cast, imho

Kelvin is amazing. 3000+ Health, 42.00 base health Regen per second/63.00 while sublimated/+3 seconds per major enemy hit with sublimate/+150(I think) health when assisting in killing things…Absolute nightmare to kill. I like playing him, yet don’t really like it when not in a group since he is amazing if the team is backing him up and taking advantage of his disruption and team stuns.

Yeah, Reyna is probably THE best Dragon support, even better than a Pocket Miko. Kelvin and Reyna also play decently together assuming Kelvin goes full tank gear with a bunch of DR and Health Regen, the Overshields+Health from Reyna can save him assuming Sublimate is on cooldown and he’s for some reason still in danger. lol