Worst than anointed enemies

… trapped enemies inside a wall or crate. They are immune to everything lol.

Sometimes Singularity grenades work by pulling them out. But in most cases even the most OP team of VHs had to resign and exit the game.

I wonder if GB will ever fix this bug. It’s a bummer when this happens towards the end of a run.


Seems to happen to me in the Cistern of Slaughter every once in a while!

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You mean every run, right?


Lure other enemies near the trapped target and use Redistributor or Brainstormer. They will die.


This assumes you still have other enemies around.

Yes, but i cant think if another solution to this problem… You just have to pay attention to the spawns that are problematic and act fast ^^
I think the container straight ahead from the switch sometimes trappes enemies. The minimap is a good indicator for identifying trapped mobs.

if you have an Amara on your team ask them to use phasecast + singularity normally most of Amara builds should be able to use that

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Will-o-wisp might do the trick.

I’ve never finished 3000 because of this. I just won’t play any of the slaughter* anymore. They all seem to exhibit this bug.

There’s also a bug when playing Shane in the anchor proving ground. One of the troopers can’t be killed, and you can’t continue. It happened once in MTD. But I was able to continue and just leave the immortal trooper behind.

Worse than anointed? Those damn dogs with EMPs. I play a 1hp build. If my shield gets zapped by one of those EMP doggies, I’m pretty much dead. Even when I play another character, I hate those dogs. Especially when they come up behind you and lay their **** EMP trap grrrrrrrrrr


did you mean Zane?

Those dogs are definitely the bane of my bloodletter/deathless build :joy:

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They are literally one shot with the WI ASE 100 with my fl4k on M4.

Anyone noticed that this special Nogs on 3000 are nearly immune to damage? This little samurai dudes. I mean I nearly oneshot everything on M4 but this dudes… maaan.

Crit spots on the back

Sometimes you can get them with hex grenades and elemental puddles.
The slaughtstar 3000 and Cirsten of slaughter is a pretty good spot for hex grenades unless they are out of range and when a tink gets stuck in the shacks in the trial of fervor puddles work well.

Yup, Zane :slight_smile:

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