Worst type of enemies in the game (discussion)


That is my final answer.


A video with commentary would have been gold with this one. :smiley:

My last two NVHM runs, I’ve found plenty of green rarity Torgue ARs. They totally wreck Flynt’s pimply face. He got to do his flaming form once after jumping down from his perch each time, and that was it: total annihilation before his cool-down timer ran out and he could fire things up again.

I’ve regularly had her do that when hanging out by the gate. It makes a change from her driving round in circles on the far side of the arena!

Especially since I was playing Krieg and was specced into Light the Fuse- managed to kill her just as my FFL was about to end by tossing a dynamite stick into a slag barrel that she had retreated next to…

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LOL, the main antagonist’s worst enemy isn’t the Vault Hunter(s), but their Momma.

"Thou shalt be avenged!"
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I would like, after a bad run of luck with OP8 Digi, the Ultimate Badass Lunatic as my new most hated enemy.

It’s the Rabid Stalkers that wind me up the most. I was so happy when I bumped into them in the Pre-Sequel playing as Athena. The vicious little scumbags would chomp away at my Aspis constantly while I whittle away their shields and then freeze them and watch as their own spite smashes them into a million pieces. While there were problems with the Pre-sequel, they did several things to make handling Rabid Stalkers easier to deal with. Bomber OZ kits stretch your grenade stocks further and cryo damage was a great way to counter tough enemies. I hope it gets retained for Borderlands 3.

I also dislike Demongs and Slagged enemies since they tend to be big sacks of health without an optimal way to counter them.

Slagged enemies are the WORST - particularly Slagged Centurion Spiderants, the bane of my Peak runs. Horrifically dangerous, difficult to damage, and monstrously ugly.


Yeah worst enemy in the game.

Slagged centurion spiderants? Swordsplosion. Youve seen it. And the same for ultimate badass slag skags.


Works great on Badasasaurus Rex too…

Without a doubt ANY rabid enemies drive me crazy. I also can’t stand Goliath Blasters or Heavy Nomads! I swear one shot and my shield is gone along with most my health while I’m trying to figure out where the hell they shot me from.

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Actually coming back to the game, expanding on a few ones:

  • Gallant Spiderants, whether slagged or normal. Singularity/Convergence doesn’t phase them much, they have a ranged/area knockback attack, and their melee range is pretty BS. And this is without mentioning that they can take a lot of punishment.
  • Slagged enemies (in general) aren’t much of a problem thanks to the Blockhead, but still…
  • burrowing Badass Varkids, especially when Phaselock is no longer effective.

Gravediggers. Very tough, aggressive, and their corrosive DOT is a pain. Scavengers close behind.


I hate cursed pirates, especially in OP 8.

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Piss me off. I dread sawtooth for that reason.

Having just recently having defeated Dexidious on OP8 I nominated ultimate BA witch doctors to this list- they killed Maya more often than Dexi did…:rage:

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A few people have mentioned spiderlings in this thread.
It’s my opinion that spiderlings and other rushing low-priority melee opponents exist in the game for the sole purpose of taking your shield down just a little to remove whatever shield buff there is.
i.e., spiderlings exists to deactivate your Bee. That’s been the only thing that annoys me about them.

Oh, and my least favorite enemy group are threshers also.
Phaselock is rendered useless. Emerge attack damage from Pyros often destroy you with the initial hit then the DOT.
And most irritating to me is their dead-on accuracy from 3/4s of the way across the map.
I’ve been downed at the danged vendor near Hyperion Bridge because a thresher way over there hit me while shopping. Arg.

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