Worst type of enemies in the game (discussion)

Alright, in this game, there are tons of enemies. Ranging from psychos, skags, robots, bosses, and Raid bosses. And in every game that has enemies, there are annoying ones. This is about the most annoying enemy/enemies. My pick is undoubtedly the rabid skags and stalkers. These enemies chase you down without stopping, which would be fine if for a few things. They are fast, tanky, and do a lot of damage. the fact that they basically two-shot you if not careful, and that they take 3 northfleet shots to kill is why they are annoying. Also, they are annoying because they help other enemies out by distracting you. They take up your attention, leaving you open for a spitter skag or a crystalisk to shoot you. What’s your thoughts on the most annoying enemy/enemies?


Wormhole threshers… I don’t hate them, but they’re the most difficult for me to deal with if I get caught off guard by them.

*You can’t see them coming. I mean, you can see the trail, but when you’re in thresher territory, it might be anything from a young one to an Ultimate Badass Pyre thresher. With the UBA Pyre thresher, once it healthgates you, you still have a chance to run for cover and toss your favorite decoy at it.

*You can’t run from them. Once they turn on their singularity, unless you’re behind cover to start with, you’re eating damage.

*Most action skills are useless as an escape plan: Phaselock doesn’t stop them, Decepti0n just means that you’re drawn in while invisible, Sabre Turrets might work them over while you’re taking damage, Deathtrap will try to zap them while you’re taking damage (not sure about Krieg). At least with Axton’s Phalanx shield, if you drop your turret such that the shield is between you and the wormhole thresher, you won’t get drawn in. Maya’s Life Tap, if it’s active from a previous kill, may allow you to tank the thresher’s damage unless the timer runs out before the thresher is dead. Most Moxxi weapons should allow you to tank the damage?

*High-explosive munitions have a good chance of putting you in FFYL, since you’ll be at zero distance from the target. This includes grenades, Tediore reloads, and rocket launchers. Sniper rifles get a little sketchy at that close range, so you’re looking at pistols, shotguns, and assault rifles.


I can’t decide between the boss-levels of health from op8 ultimate badass witch-doctors or the dragons at tiny tina’s dlc, who would guess that giving buzzard’s a.i. (or lack of it) to a boss would yeld one incredibly annoying fight…

{Wormhole > Blackhole > Rift} Threshers: Things the AI has done to piss you off

Rabid Stalkers and Rabid Skags. Because they don’t frog or maul you (respectively) just once, but several times in a row.

Loot Goon GOD-liath. Easier to deal with before it maxes, but soaks up damage like damn when it does. GOD-liaths are already massive enough that you’ve little choice but to eat the incoming damage if they corner you, but the LG version takes it so much better…probably because of the damn chest.

Mad Mike makes the list almost solely because he spams his Shocket Launcher.

On the note of less lethal but still annoying, Smaller Spiderants (which are the only ones that can jump) place a bit higher than Stalkers, despite the fact that they both do almost the exact same thing. The difference is that the Spiderants have a tendency to do mid-air you, and often at the most inopportune times. My frequent runs through Frostburn are one example – they usually stop me while I’m trying to open space between me and an LG GOD-liath up by (or down the stairs from) the electric fence.

I’m going to have to go with Wormhole Threshers. With a little practice, it is possible to somewhat avoid attacks from rabid-type enemies. Not with the Wormhole Threshers though, most of the time you will be fighting them on an open field with little cover.

Skeleton mages are also very annoying if you don’t have a rocket launcher. Sometimes I hate Pestilent Stalkers even more than Rabid Stalkers, because they are difficult to hit.

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I’m not overly fond of Ironclad Lunatics or Ultimate Badass Surveyors

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The littler Spiderants. The ones that jump at you. They’re so frustrating to kill, as they’re such small targets.
(I’ve forgotten the name, if someone could remind me I’d be grateful)

Rabids. My God, they’re irritating.

Rabid Anything: Nope, I’m as fast as you are!
Me: “Throw Turrets! Turrets for days!”
Rabid Skag: “Oh look, a Turret!”

Although I do enjoy blowing their heads off.

This guy still downs me on OP0 with OP8 gear. It’s that stupid DOT he does.

Also, the Spiderants that come out of the pipe during the Pyro Pete fight. Damn their jump-at-me-knock-small-amounts-of-my-Bee-off-thus-removing-Amp-Damage style of play!

I believe they’re called spiderlings, and they are annoying as hell.

The least favourites for me of the regular enemies are the Rabid Stalkers, Skags are a pain too but I tend to be able to deal with them better than the stalkers. Wormhole threshers haven’t been too much of an issue for me, but this is mainly because I don’t spend a lot of time running areas where they spawn (except possibly with Sal, but then all you need to do is sit there with a grog/DPUH and fire until they stop sucking you in).

As for bosses, I have to say either Baddassaurus Rex, or Handsome Dragon (Especially with a melee character). Badassaurus Rex just spends half his time reflecting bullets back at me (I suck at hitting the crit spots), and Handsome Dragon just flies around randomly, and also seems to quite often fly out of the map and reset his health bar every now and then (He did this twice during my UVHM melee Krieg playthrough once I’d got him down to about 25% health, I was a little frustrated to say the least)

Heavy Nomads

They spawn silently right behind you, and unload 359 bazillion rockets at you. They’re the only enemy that can make me rage. Goliath-rage. “Oooaahhh… It’s SERIOUS NOW!” :blrage:

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BA buzzards and surveyors. Skeleton mages and crystal skeletons are up there as well.


Ah, but the most annoying enemy of all would have to be the Skeleton Mages.

Unless you’re Sal and can kill them instantly when they uncloack, or you’re Maya and you have a second to phaselock them, it can be next to impossible to hit them for the brief time when they’re actually vulnerable/visible. This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for their damaging, highly accurate magic attacks that continue to do dot after they disappear. Then if you’re dropped into FFYL when they’re gone it’s like trying to get a second wind from witch-doctor enemies when they’ve turned themselves into tornados.

Yes, witch doctors are annoying as well.


I just can’t resist inserting a bad joke here, but… Which doctor do you mean?


For me, the most hated ones so far are skeleton mages, immortal skeletaurs, rabid stalkers, and vampire witch doctors.

Skeleton mages and the simple but masters of back-tracking marauders. You see one of them and next thing you know they’re in the next map shooting that maliwan shock smg that ends you in 2 shots…I hate them. At least the rabids don’t run away from you for 2 miles off.

Anything lacking or sporting hard to hit critical hit locations I dislike with a passion.

If any section of the game can be considered an enemy than I elect Hammerlock’s DLC as the most difficult and frustrating experience as a Jakobs user.


Rabids, especially rabid stalkers; I truly feared taking Maya into the WEP when she was in TVHM due to those…things (this was just before she’d reached Ruin). Life only got easier after spec’ing to Ruin and obtaining a lvl’ed Pimp & Bee, and then finding a Skin that boosts shield capacity and recharge by 34.6%, and reduces shock dmg by 30.7% and non-elemental dmg by 23.7% (Ok, product plug ends). Now, they’re not so bad unless one sneaks up on her somehow, and the Skin even lets them bang off of her a couple of times and not break the shield, so she’s mostly fine with them now but they do remain a high-priority target. - EDIT - this makes it sound as if she has the Bee equipped constantly; she does not normally, just for farming runs so as to speed things up some.

I’ve got my first Zer0, who’s trying to get back to Sanctuary after it went airborne, actually stalled right at the Highlands entrance by a pair of rabid stalkers (TVHM). I’ll go fire him up and try to deal with them and give up 30 minutes later & tens of thousands of dollars lighter than when I began. He may never get past that point.

Skele Mages - I’ve only seen them with Maya@UVHM, and she really didn’t have that much difficulty with them thanks to phase-locking. I expect that things will be different with Gaige, however.

Spiderlings - Just freakin’ ANNOYING. I said in the ‘Desires for BL3’ thread that if GBX brings them back, I want the ability to step on them.

Wormhole Threshers - I got lucky and found out about these things early on…since then, I’ve been rather good at keeping hard cover between them and my character (usually). I will bitch about a particular Badass Pyre Thresher in the Caustic Caverns…that sumbitch owes me.

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[quote=“Eel37, post:5, topic:495639”]Sometimes I hate Pestilent Stalkers even more than Rabid Stalkers, because they are difficult to hit.[/quote]Right? I love the mechanic of shooting leaping enemies out of the air. Spiderlings are much easier to hit out of the air, for example, so when they’re in leap attack mode, I go skeet shooting. :dart: Pestilent Stalkers have an odd arc to their leap that I haven’t dialed in yet. It’s like they come in low, or their arc isn’t quite parabolic?

Skeleton Mages are, at least, fairly weak; a burly (fire or explosive) shotgun at appropriate range should drop them in one shot? Rocket launchers give you that quick impulse damage at range with some slop in the aiming (which is fine - I’d be lying if I said I didn’t do that sometimes). Otherwise, I start by tagging one with a shot (almost anything will do), and when it goes invisible, you’ll see a little shock wisp betraying its position. This will let you track it to it’s subsequent spawn point (although the wisp will go out before it respawns, you can tell where it stops). Walk right up, level your shotgun, and as soon as it appears, get your Han Solo on.

While this sounds easy, it is rare that you find one alone (usually they’re in a horde of other enemies, including other mages). I find their fire easy to dodge as long as I keep my distance, so they’re not a high priority (invariably, they’re the last things standing out of a mob for me).

That’s the one, Spiderlings. Thanks!

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Yeah, those Pestilents have an attack pattern that really makes no sense. I don’t like wasting my time with them so they usually just get the rocket treatment. Skeleton Mages are just freaking terrible in UVHM. Every time they go invisible, they shed the slag off and most of the time, they are only visible for like a second before they disappear again. My main character is Gaige and i absolutely love hearing her scream whenever those shock bolts hit her.

I think what’s happening is that they leap and then glide towards their target (it looks as if they partly open their ‘wings’, for lack of a better term, after the jump), rather than a leap and the expected arc when coming back down. Someone in a co-op game may be able to check this simply by watching from the side when a pest attacks another player.