Worst type of enemies in the game (discussion)

So you dislike most all of the enemies in the game?

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Those bandits who use Maliwan-barreled SMGs.



I HATE THEM ALL!!! :rage:

Loaders are easy. All of them. Corrosive weaponry and they have 3 crit spots. In addition, you can shoot their legs off to stop them or shoot their arms off so they can’t shoot. Get a hornet, corrosive caster, corrosive conference call, or corrosive pimpernel. They will become a mere nuisance.

Loot midgets…that knock me off of cliffs when I open a box. They will pay.
Spiderlings. No one likes you. Go home.
Slagged Centurion Spiderants @ the Peak. Apparently they are made out of some mystical substance that, even though they’re slagged, OMG…JUST DIE ALREADY!


[quote=“Jac856, post:44, topic:495639, full:true”]
So you dislike most all of the enemies in the game?
[/quote]The list is pretty bad, but notice that I color-coded some in red.

[quote=“steamnixtest, post:47, topic:495639, full:true”]Loaders are easy. All of them. Corrosive weaponry and they have 3 crit spots. In addition, you can shoot their legs off to stop them or shoot their arms off so they can’t shoot. Get a hornet, corrosive caster, corrosive conference call, or corrosive pimpernel. They will become a mere nuisance.[/quote]Depending on their size, a Singularity can ease your pain…or not at all. Don’t even bother with large Loaders or JET Loaders (=Walker Mode), but go open season on anything about human-size.
The other reason I list the very large ones is that, en masse, they’re a pain in the a**.

[quote=“gelatincyborg, post:48, topic:495639”]Spiderlings. No one likes you. Go home.[/quote]Things the AI has done to piss you off

Rabid enemies and buzzards. And before even creating points, I am willing to admit, it’s more so that I just suck at killing them.

Rabid enemies. Only time I could confidently kill one was as Maya. Just phaselock the basatard and laugh. Any other character (with maybe the exception of Krieg), pray you notice it from far enough away and manage to get quite a few headshots on it before it closes in. For Krieg, hope the FotF is still going.
And yes, I would have been using slag, elemental weapons, any strategy at all to kill them. Just really annoying, especially since most of my favored weapons would be ineffective at what is effectively melee range.

Buzzards. Look, I know people complain about enemies being boring, or the A.I. feeling stale. But until we get to the point that the A.I. can think like a human you can more or less always expect that to happen. So why do I hate buzzards? Because I don’t enjoy an enemy that spends more time running away than actually fighting. You can try to ignore the buzzard, but he’s still going to pick you off anyway as he can fly. The flying, quick movement, and dodging in all 3 dimensions. Clearing the buzzards at the top of the Sawtooth tower is the absolute worst.

With Axton, throw your turret right in front of them, blocking their way or somewhere near, where they can reach it. They get so focused on attacking it that you’ll be free to kill them easily. Works for me every single time. Sometimes they manage to destroy the turret, but it’s a worthy sacrifice given how dangerous they are.

I hate all enemies that run away. Buzzards aren’t even the worst offenders. Rats and Scavengers in particular, are the bane of my existence. They just won’t stop moving and will run for cover every chance they get. They’re so hard to hit. For that reason, those are the only enemies that make me notice their health regen. I also hate the corrosive variations of some of the enemies. Plague Rats and Pestilent Stalkers are so annoying. Plague Rats are like a mix of Rabids and Pestilent Stalkers. Every time I see one, I know I’m going down at least once.

Scavengers, Plague Rats and Pestilent Stalkers. Those are the worst enemies in the game for me. So annoying.

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A.k.a. flying bastards!!

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Oh god yes…BADASS BUZZARDS!! Painful flying pieces of SH**

@anon13808724 - Ye, Pestilent stalkers, it’s just the way they hump your face, run away, hump your face…grrrr

EXP-loaders - And bomber maniacs. Anything that runs at me on a kamikaze mission is hated. And generally are the ones who put me down.

Hyperion Hawks - Spot them first or…uh…die. Actually go to see one riding a Surveyor the other day for the first time. Pretty bizarre but quite amusing.

I used to hate Rabid Skags and Stalkers, but Maya tends to deal with them. If anything the Stalkers are by far the worst, but a good spike shield and a Stormfront help zap em.

@kritchie2023 @anon13808724 @VegetaValpo Surveyors aren’t that bad as their flight pattern is one of two things – hover or charge; if the latter, they at least line up on you from quite some distance away, and are usually low enough that you don’t need to make much compensation for trigonometric angle (TA), which makes them easier to deal with.

On the other hand, Buzzards have literally no set flight pattern, going almost every which way, and at such speed that your usual best bet is anything that fires bullets, buckshot (or equivalent), or lasers – anything that shoots something that is (near-)instantly there</font color>; if it has a projectile that requires travel time, you can forget it if you can’t lead with it.

That said, the behavior of Buzzards makes compensating for That Angle a real b****. They move laterally – usually around you in either a circle or box – and toward you at such speed that they’re usually directly above (or even behind you) before you know it.

@DaRTH_FuRioN Take those suiciders and put 'em elsewhere with a Singularity/Quasar grenade, or Phaselock:Convergence.

"Go over there!" -- Bizarro Scorpion, "Mortal Kombat"

As for that Surveyor-riding Hawk, wish we could all see that. A picture worth quite a few words…

Yeah, Surveyors and Buzzards aren’t really that bad. They’re fairly easy to take down, even though they can be annoying. It’s grounded enemies that run away that I really hate.

Woah, Hyperion Hawks can ride Surveyors? I’ve got 1000+ hours in BL2 and I never noticed that.

I see it semi-often (maybe a dozen times total?)… usually in the Badlands by the Eridium pumping stations. I think you can “encourage” it if you start ganking everything except the local Hawk and a surveyor. If I catch one, I’ll drop a video.

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Trying to do the Arms Dealer mission in Overlook with Zero I really- really- grew to hate threshers- their pinpoint accuracy with their spike projectiles caused many a respawn…

Peak has fostered in me a hatred of marauders.

Literally any enemy with a rocket launcher: One shot health gates you and a second’ll put you in FFYL, that’s bad enough as is but if the rocket enemy has friends then they can make a bad situation even worse for a Vault Hunter that’s stripped of their shields. Yet another wart from a scaling system that’s so broken in favor of the enemy that you can stuff hay in it’s mouth and call it a race horse.

Pirate Mercenary/Skeleton Mage: Both these guys are terrible because rather than turn invisible like Stalkers, these guys seemingly phase out of reality and render themselves impossible to track/hit so they can land a cheap shot on you. I’d take Pirate Mercs over the mages because they can only hit you by getting close and stay in the fight long enough for players to take them out before their vanishing act.

Slag enemies: It’s bad enough to be on the receiving end of the x3 debuff from slag but then there’s the enemy that’s immune to the stuff, meaning that you’re stuck with the ridiculously high health without any means of negating it - Now that really sucks.

Yes, it’s a very rare thing to see but it’s possible. There was a thread in the old forum about it, and very few people have seen it. I was playing with @IdlePhantom through TVHM when we saw it. Just for the note, I’ve easily clocked over 2000hrs in B2, and i’m still seeing and learning new things :smile:

But like @Adabiviak mentioned, it’s usually near the pumping stations and more likely station 1 I’d say.

I second that for the skeleton mages. Fortunately, you can just run away from them in most cases and they don’t do enough DPS to be a problem.

The pirate mercs aren’t that bad. I usually take them out too quickly for them to phase away. The cursed pirates with 3-4 players however…

“Suck it up” is hardly good advice. If anything, it’s just rude and unkind.

Just because you find enemies a breeze now, dosnt mean everyone else does or should feel the same way.
Everyone plays differently, resulting in different experiences.

Be excellent to each other.