Worst type of enemies in the game (discussion)

Yes, it’s a very rare thing to see but it’s possible. There was a thread in the old forum about it, and very few people have seen it. I was playing with @IdlePhantom through TVHM when we saw it. Just for the note, I’ve easily clocked over 2000hrs in B2, and i’m still seeing and learning new things :smile:

But like @Adabiviak mentioned, it’s usually near the pumping stations and more likely station 1 I’d say.

I second that for the skeleton mages. Fortunately, you can just run away from them in most cases and they don’t do enough DPS to be a problem.

The pirate mercs aren’t that bad. I usually take them out too quickly for them to phase away. The cursed pirates with 3-4 players however…

“Suck it up” is hardly good advice. If anything, it’s just rude and unkind.

Just because you find enemies a breeze now, dosnt mean everyone else does or should feel the same way.
Everyone plays differently, resulting in different experiences.

Be excellent to each other.


Mad Mike for sure, sending you into FFYL on a single shot. The rabids are also a bitch especially at higher levels when 2 or 3 can run after you at the same time.

From personal experience.
Just… Rabids.
Many a death in TVHM/UVHM because a rabid stalker warps in front of me, knocking me into a corner, and no way of escaping until one of us dies. I’d have an equally big problem with wormhole threshers provided I actually fight them often.
Other than that? Surveyors, not because they are hard to hit, but the fact they will ruin your plans of using a bee shield because they fly around shooting you repeatedly for funzies. Ion loaders and EXP-Loaders for obvious reasons.
and Wee Jet Loaders. Would be a shame if your loot midget flew away while clipping through walls and ceilings to make it that much more harder to kill.

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I agree with you on the Jet Loader LLM. Them jerks flying god knows where lol!

Not the biggest fan of buzzards either. First UVHM playthru being with melee Krieg made me want to make a new character just because of them when you get to Sawtooth Cauldron! Thank god for co-op games! Man they really made me feel so worthless lol.

So far, for me, it has to be the Badass Pyre Threshers that frigging take you from full life to near dead when they first come out and just seem to eat the damage.

The next worst for me has to be the Rabbid Skags. Those things are worse than most bosses. Really sucks when you get jumped by 3 rabbid skags at one time.

On Op8 so far, my biggest nuisance has to be vehicles though, going through the Badass Crater at Op8 and those motorcycles are just insane compared to my vehicles. Have gone from full health to my vehicle exploding within 3 seconds from them, if my truck hits one of them, they take a little damage while my truck’s health bar is flashing danger. And if they hit you outside of a vehicle, they almost kill you as well. They really need to scale vehicles up properly for them.

Off-topic question, Does anyone else have an issue where your damage output drops when you go down into Fight For Your Life? I just don’t get it, I can be at point blank range against an enemy and it is like the second I go down part of the time, while I am down my damage drops by like 66% where what would normally do a decent hit of damage on them is now so low it has trouble keeping up with their natural regen on Op8. It isn’t every time though but is surprisingly common. Anyone else have this issue or know why it happens? And I know it isn’t because of accuracy because I have had it happen while at point blank range from them where it would take a conscious effort to even miss and it happens.

In OP levels, dont bother fighting from the car. Get out and fight.

Easier said than done part of the time.

When you have 3 motorcycles chasing you and the moment one rams you, you lose all your shields and your life drops low you don’t last that long. At least with the vehicle you can outrun them most of the time.

Isn’t an issue most of the time, but when you are areas where you need to ride, it gets rough. Very little issue with Captain Scarlet DLC as the worms and the other vehicles in that weren’t an issue, but in the Badass Crater on the missions that force you to deal with them, it can be rough.

Bullymongs are the suck. It doesnt matter if you overpower them by 70 levels, they knock you away like a balloon, keep pushing you away and They have made me fall off cliffs or into chasms.

Buzzards are way worse than any rabbid enemy however annoying I agree they are.

Not to be rude or anything, but… well, what makes you think I wouldn’t know that already? I was just saying.

Sorry, didn’t mean anything by it. That aside, I realize I didn’t mention Demongs…or some of the other ones that I hate so much.

11 year olds who constantly want to duel when youre trying to co-op. Absolutely the most annoying enemy in the game.


or those who get infiltrated into your game and start annoying you asking for money

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For me it’s a toss-up between UBA loaders and pestilent stalkers. I can handle most rabids and other UBAs aren’t as annoying as the loaders with their damned stomp attacks. Speaking of which, midget loaders are just as bad, just in a smaller package. Then again the game considers them to be UBAs, so they’re just like their big brothers.

or those who get infiltrated into your game and start annoying you offering money (often asking for legendaries in return)

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or dumping black weapons that ■■■■ your game D:

Ohhhh those black pieces of ■■■■. I’ve had ■■■■ experiences because of that. Nowadays I immediately kick anyone who even holds a modded crap (sadly 70% in public lobbies).

@steamnixtest: Not directly relevant to the list, but I can back that. So many times I’ve wanted to tell serial duelists to “leave me the f*** alone!”

@xmngr // @orion5666 Infiltrators, yes.
Beggars, only items.
Dumpers, oh God… Can’t tell you how many times I see someone doing this and wanting (the ability) to go pick up all their droppings and overboard them into the abyss, especially in places like Dragon’s Keep:

@Gulfwulf: Got a relevant question. PWR Loaders can deflect/reflect bullets fired normally, but can they do the same for anything affected by the following?:

  • “Bore”</font color>
  • “Close Enough”</font color>
  • “Nth Degree”</font color>
  • “Kinetic Reflection”</font color>
  • “Phaselock: Chain Reaction”</font color>

Found a way to better describe my hate towards suicidal enemies.

Usually I don’t care that much, however in retrospective after getting killed by suicidal enemy I get pretty angry, because I realize that I died against someone who’s braindead ■■■■■■. Even if the game is casual, it doesn’t mean that I play it with casual mindset and some don’t apply to all players, I enjoy putting at least some effort into my performance, which is why getting killed by suicidal enemies is a pretty frusturating experience.