Worth trying? Solo Digistruct Peak OP1 with mediocre gear

It’s a good insight to the Peak, he also has some great vids which is another way of seeing what it’s all about when it comes to enemy spawns room by room as you make your way through, hopefully to OP8. It’s a great challenge, very frustrating at times but when you make it, and i hope you do, it’s a great reward for doing so. The first few levels aren’t too bad, but just remember to embrace your deaths, they will happen as you learn and take a break if it start’s to get to you. I’ve had to quit and farm money just from dying and needing to buy ammo (which is very expensive) early in my Digi Peak career :grin: Once again good luck.


Lol Yes I will be studying and researching Peak tactics thoroughly and thanks again!

I have always been the type to think my way through this franchise and stay chill since I first purchased the first Borderlands on launch day waaaaay back when. :slight_smile:

I am currently sitting on $99,999,999 so I am ready to burn through it! Lol I have a feeling I will be heading back to the Loot Train to farm cash before long once I start to get rolling. :slight_smile:

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Well… Attempting Digistruct Peak has been a chore with solo Zer0.

Thanks to the extreme kindness and killer gifted gear from @Vinterbris I have at least had a valiant effort! BUT… every time I start thinking it’s going well, a Rabid Skag (or two!) shut me down with extreme prejudice! LOL :smile:

I just can’t seem to get enough distance between us as they are setting off towards me while I am already mixed up with a bunch of other bad guys.

I seem to get to just before the Assassins area and then I get shredded.

I feel I am spec’d out great but I am getting frustrated with having to start from the beginning over and over again. Lol

I know it’s not supposed to be easy doing this solo, but dang! Haha

I feel my next step will be trying to do this coop, as I don’t have as much time as I would like to dissect the strategy and load outs…

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Well i was just wondering yesterday how you were going with the Peak, and glad to hear your giving it a go still.

Rabid Skags … talk about a PITA. A little trick, although a bit cheesy is to knock them of the edge with an Execute attack from Deception in the areas where you can, but even this takes some practice and you might jump off yourself when trying, or even be knocked of when trying to get the skag near the edge.

In this vid from MoLmF he shows the technique in the very first room …

There are a few rooms where Rabids spawn and this can be used with some practice, but it can be a bit risky turning your back on other enemies.

Hope this helps, and keep us posted :smiley:

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Thanks! Yeah I really enjoy Luke’s insight. And seeing his load out helps as well. I appreciate your posting the vid!

He refers to luck’ (or lack of it in my case lol) with the spawns, and that has been the struggle for me as of late. Not sure why, but it seems as though the Rabid Skags are overly prevalent for whatever reason.

With good advice from @Vinterbris I have dropped down to NVHM and ran it just to become familiar with the lay-of-the-land, and that has helped.

I am hoping that tweaking my load out will be my saving grace as the gear I have is great. …And I would consider myself fairly attentive to the nuances and details of the environment, although I have always played solo.

I would like to change that and go coop with some like minded individuals as any of my buddies have moved away from this game. Being an over-forty gamer as an IT professional with a teenager and many other hobbies kind of leaves me in the lurch sometimes for remembering what my most effective plan of attack was for my previous run(s.) Lol

I truly do love this game and will keep at it the best I can! :smile:

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Cristian - I’m curious, what build are you running?

I won’t be able to get online until tomorrow and can provide additional detail at that time but a mix of the following:

All level 72 gear…

Murduring Slagga
Lyuda Shock
Lyuda Corrosive
Eviscerating Grog Nozzle
Gwens Head Shock
Various Plasma Casters in all Elements

Inflammable Bee

Legendary Hunter Mod

Many great relics
Blood of the Seraphs
SMG damage 31%
Sniper damage 34%
Stockpile 62%

Well, a slight change in plans!

I have been struggling with Zer0 going solo on the Peak sooooo… Rather than becoming too frustrated (a-hemm… Rabid Skags,) I am switching it up.

As of my last post 12 days ago I started a new character. Maya.

This is my first time giving it a go as Maya and I am very pleased, and wish I would have started her a long time ago.

As of last night I just tripped Level 30 while trying to blaze through the Story Missions on the weeknights when I have the time, and I am starting Hero’s Pass next. I want to be Level 31 going to Hero’s Pass, so I will grind a little more XP first so I can have my Skill Tree right where I want it as I hit up the Warrior.

My playstyle works quite well with Phaselock and I am having exceptional results. Re-spec’ ing and finding the sweet spot is awesome! So many options!! Sawtooth Cauldron was a breeze, and she is getting quite powerful. I can’t wait to have her skills maxed.

As I enter TVHM, and then to UVHM (and the Peak,) I will move my progress over to the Maya discussion.

Meanwhile, if I can find a groove with Zer0, I’ll be back. But for now I am loving Maya.