Worthy of song bugged?

Hello! I would like if oye could help me. I was looking my titles and i realize that Worthy of song is 100% completed, but the title isnt unlocked. Someone could help me? Im playing on xbox one.

It’s a well known glitch. It shows 100% on the title when in reality you haven’t completed it


Okay, so there are two current theories

  1. It incorrectly displays 100% when you didn’t actually complete it.
  2. You did complete it but yet another bug occurred and you didn’t receive it even after actually getting it

Luckily, gearbox support thinks it #2.
I reccomend putting in a support ticket here
They’ll fix you up right quick and are very nice

I really think it could be both scenarios. I KNOW I completed coopetition, says 100% complete but not unlocked. I also know that I never got Worthy of Song, yet that also shows 100% complete and not unlocked. Bada bada boom is also bugged for me, not sure if I actually earned that one though.


I’ve got this issue for Bada bada boom and I know I haven’t actually done 12 ult kills in a match. Also had it for RBY and Coopetition, and I know I hadn’t done those titles either, but it seems completing them in a game properly unlocked them for me afterwards. So I believe if you get WoS again, it will unlock for you.

In some moment of my life I did 26 kills, once. But in that moment i didn’t know about that title… So… Well

Thank you! I just sent the ticket.

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Coopetition is 100% confirmed to be bugged, it’s been that way since launch. I haven’t heard of anyone unlocking it without contacting support.

But I’m of the opinion that [quote=“epicender584, post:3, topic:1554189”]

  1. It incorrectly displays 100% when you didn’t actually complete it.

is correct for BBB, WOS and RBY.

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…One of my accounts has 5 titles completed but are bugged, reported with screen shots.
The Gearbox support agreed with me and agreed to fix it, last year, nothing yet.

I had the same problem and then @RapZowsdower_GBX
was kind enough to fix it for me :heart:

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That’s awesome! :sunny:

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That’s strange, it worked for me.

Coopetition unlocked for me on xbox

It’s most likely a glitch.

If you can’t prove you got the 25 kills, you aren’t going to get the title via sending in a ticket. So, get a screencap showing you got the 25 kills in a single game OR try to get 25 kills+ again.

I got coop today as well on my other Steam account, Battle bots is the only PvP that account has used.

That’s very interesting, when did you guys unlock it?

No idea. Titles aren’t really something I go for

Hard to say really. It’s still buggy though because I’ve earned it multiple times and it keeps notifying me that I’ve unlocked the title again despite already having it.

WOS and Bada Bada Boom do that too, sometimes. It’s strange.

But I was wondering if Coopetition was fixed at some point making it possible to complete normally. Hmm, might have to do some testing with titles to see what is causing them to behave this erratically…

Happens for RBY too.