Worthy of Song...Little oak did good

Ok so, I went 25 - 2 on Paradise during Meltdown on ps4 I was super hyped I finally got the Worthy of Song title last night playing as Thorn. I have a SS but is it allowed with all the other players name in it? Anyone who knows what the title is can tell you in Battleborn pvp it can be pretty hard to get that many kills in a single match. You have to hope no one leaves or surrenders and sometimes kills will just slip through your fingers. I was queued up solo and there was one group of two people then 3 randoms, one of the randoms picked Reyna. She was the best supporter ever seriously, her and I held off the left lane by ourselves. Everything was always marked with priority target and those overshields, ohh them overshields, let me tell you. On point, 100%.
So many wards to block thumper turrets and let me secure kills. I was the only one with a mic but the Reyna listened perfectly to all my call outs it was glorious. Wish it would happen more often lol

The Gear:
+140 shield strength, +4.2% skill damage, -21% reload speed
Cost 756 shards

+7% skill damage, +210 health
ability catalyst
Cost 1050 shards

Aelfrin Memory Band (lore legendary)
It’s +crit damage, +health regen, legendary perk is Nature’s Curse charges at full drawback.
Cost 1800 shards

This loadout works wonders for Thorn, skill damage and more skill damage. +11.2% is nothing to scoff at. Plus health and give her a shield also.

Her lvl 1 slow on blight is pretty rediculous.
Once you get volley to curse at lvl 4 the game takes off. Then at lvl 7 you get vaulting hunter and she really starts to shine. Then of course lvl 10 when you get earth render the game just explodes for you. With her lore legendary the time to draw a cursed arrow is definitely decreased not sure the exact time tho.

Shoot cursed arrow, blight to slow, volley to the head if you can or even body shot them, then cast ult which that also leaves behind a blight field from earthrender helix. You can stack 2 blights and also curse multiple targets with volley. It’s an insane amount of damage. Things have a hard time living through it. I snuck in my 25th kill just as our team scored the final points to 500 my heart was pounding frantically trying to get that last KO and snag that title.

TL;DR, I was just wondering who else out there has the worthy of song title and how did you get it?

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Five words, er… NAMES: Galilea, Ambra, ISIC, Rath, Marquis. There, i just answered for AT LEAST 3/4 of the players who got this title.

I definitely would not have been able to get it without that Reyna backup. It was bloody hard and came down to the very last second for me
She allowed me to stay in so many fights instead of backing off

I’ve mastered miko, el dragon, thorn, Phoebe, Ambra, Ghalt, and Deande and I’ve gotten 25 kills with each, except Miko.

I got Right Behind You with Ambra and Miko (30 assist), hardly ever see those.

I’ve been rocking the Three Sum title lately (25 triple kills). Haven’t seen one of those yet.

Thorn is the first character I’ve mastered and haven’t moved on right after. She is so rewarding to play, and even though I’ve got all her lore, etc. I feel I’m a long way to mastering her. I’m just starting to get decent with the arrows. My build is similar. I just stack as much max helath, attack damage, and skill damage as possible. I use to be able to get 2600 health with her, but had to switch that piece out for her legendary.

Kudos for getting your WOS. Feels good when you get it :slight_smile: I love the titles in this game. I’m going for the 25 quad kills next and I only have like 2/25 lol. It’s gonna take forever.

Edit: @HandsomeCam didn’t mean to reply to yours. lol. sorry


Ohh nice! I reeeelly want that one too, kinda jelly lol, triple+ kills are really hard in this game

Yeah I had like 5 and then I started playing Thorn lol

Yea she’s my main right now I love her whole kit. Still practicing with the arrows as much as I can and getting down precise volleys and blight fields, placing them in correct positioning to maximize damage output

I play her more like a skirmisher tho especially once you hit lvl 7

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