Wotan is a good raid boss

Wotan’s design as a raid boss is very good.

  1. He is tough. Even with an OP build you have to constantly be moving and changing weapons for the right phases and such.

  2. VERY LIMITED INVULNERABLE PHASES! This is a biggie. My biggest gripe with most bosses in this game is the invulnerable phases. Tyreen’s is especially dumb. Wotan’s are perfect. He staggers a bit, gives you enough time to reload and reposition, then the fight is back on. Max 4 seconds, it’s great.

  3. He spawns tough but fair mob enemies. You definitely have to take down a few of them sometimes to survive, but they aren’t overwhelming. Most mob enemies that spawn during boss fights aren’t even worth shooting unless you go into FFYL. The only thing I don’t like is how a good chunk of these enemies are flying, as it makes it really difficult to get out of FFYL sometimes.

  4. LOTS OF LOOT! This is important. When I kill a raid boss I want it to rain loot. Wotan rains loot and LOTS of it, especially on true takedown TVHM mayhem 4.

  5. His attacks force you to move constantly. This makes the fight fast and fun. And most of his attacks are easy to avoid, you just have to be alert is all. No stupid unavoidable nova’s or other gimmicks (I’m looking at you Master Gee).

We need future raid bosses to follow Wotan’s design. Leave bosses like Hyperius, Master Gee, Dexidious, Voracidous, and even Tyreen in the past.


I take it you are just talking about Wotan itself and not the whole take down ? If so then I agree, it’s a very well designed fight, challenging but fun.
I would have to disagree with the lots of loot part doh, like the amount of times I’ve ran through the whole thing not to get a dedicated drop is ridiculous.
I also think there should be a spawn point before wotan but is only used if you die in the wotan fight
I say this because the reason my friends dont run it anymore and I run it very lil now is not cause its difficult but because its annoying having to run the whole way bak to him with blocked doors in your way if you die and for me my interest is dwindling cause as I’ve said the loot doesn’t actually seem worth it anymore
But ye hes a fun fight


Compared to the first raid boss in Borderlands 2, the loot you can get from Wotan is pretty bad. Terramorphous could drop exclusive weapon, shield, class mod, relic, grenade and head for every class.


The amount of world drops is decent if you break the legs. Dedicated drops… not so great.

I do break the legs and the brain and top half but it’s still not that great, dont get me wrong I do get a good few legendaries but im not doing the takedown for a monocle, rubys wrath or the dozens of world drops I constantly get everywhere else, I mean for what you have to go through to even get to wotan you should be guaranteed a dedicated drop and if on m4 guaranteed anointed

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I’d say there’s no such thing as a good raid boss. That said, I’ll admit that Wotan is less awful to fight than, say, Terramorphus or Son of Crackerjacks…

I agree. Now if you were able to do the Wotan kill without having to deal with all the stuff before, this wouldn’t be an issue but we can’t unfortunately.

Dedicated drops in general are still pretty bad. I just hope they spread out some of the dedicated drops to other named enemies that don’t have a dedicated drop assigned to them yet.

I don’t play the MW takedown for the loot but to try out wacky builds and have fun. I’m going to do some M4 takedowns with the Jericho soon because I have a pretty fun build with it. :stuck_out_tongue: Check out this video about it: Jericho Boyo (A Zane Clone/Drone Build ft. Red Suit)

if one thing gearbox has nailed in BL3 besides sound design and gun aesthethics is boss and raid mechanics, it is miles and miles ahead of other fights bl franchize used to offer.


Nice ye I’m doing the same with my B0 and Arr0’s arms to Call build, I just made a forum about it earlier today😊

Yyy nope, that’s not a lot of loot. I’ll get way more legendary drops from a boss whom I can kill in couple of seconds. From farming perspective, killing Wotan is very bad decision.

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I love how the community judges a bosses quality by the loot it drops.

I guess most players don’t want a challenge.

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I didn’t say nothing about a challenge. Yes, Wotan fight is the most challenging thing in the game, but it’s still not rewarding.

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Game design wise, it’s a really good fight yeah, and it was a good surprise for me.

But they really need to increase specific loot drop chance. 10/15 mins takedown to reach Wotan and get no exclusive raid drop is a bummer.


You said Wotan is a very bad decision because it’s easier to get loot from other bosses. Your choice is based on loot, not the challenge.

Yeah he said that but “from a farming perspective”, so don’t be rude, he didn’t told to not fight Wotan, he said if you want a challenge, go for Wotan, if you wanna loot, go anywhere else.

MTD is a very good challenge, especially in TVH M4 team scaled mode. And yet, Wotan loot pool is not enough rewarding for such a challenge.


Also I did quoted single point from OP and my first post was strictly and only for that point.

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I’ve yet to beat him with my FL4K but I’m still trying.

Question, now that I’m level 53 so Wotan also move up as well, or is he/she/it still level 53?

He levels up like all the other enemies. He’s level 54 now against level 53 players if I remember right.

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Wotan is the only challenge in this game. It seems a lot of people base the quality of a boss on the loot that drops instead of appreciating the challenge. The reward is beating Wotan. Most people can’t even make it to Wotan.