Wotan shield in m10 ttd

So I heard Wotan shield was not scaled properly in m10 and I too had the feeling it went down instantly even with a relatively low damage.

So I did a little experiment.
I tried to estimate the hp value of the first shield using a really crappy green weapon

I estimated the hp by measuring the length of the life bar on my screen.
So approximatively 1cm depletion for 2 hits at 138k, the bar around 17 cm in total so it should be 17 x 276k around 4.5 M hp.

So give or take given the imprecision of this measurement Wotan shield should be between 4 and 5 M hp in m10 true takedown.

Isn t that a bit low ? I regularly see normal enemies take this kind of damage like it is nothing.So apparently the shield is really not scaled.


what calculation is this just ask shadow devil he will have value :d

What @Hexxusz0r is likely true, Shadow did a YT video on this a while back. Not specifically Wotan’s shield, but just enemy shield, armor, and health values in M10. There probably is a spreadsheet somewhere that shows it. If not, it was in the vid.

And yes, my personal experience also suggests that Wotan’s shield does not receive any sort of Mayhem scaling.

i am just saying calculation method he used is weird. but maybe could pass for approximation

Well I did try a few google search and did not find anything, I don t have access to code and it’s a pain to follow what 's going on in game with the giant visual mess, so good old fashioned methods for me :rofl:
But if you know where to find this data, I ll gladly take a look

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maybe see how to enable console you can then check your damage dealt, i never bother with these things but i know some people for sure have unrael engine console opened. now that i think of it i might find it as well for stat fps and some shiee

as to where you can find the data probably someone who has cheat engine or already saw it in console shadowdevil’s discord would be a good place to look.

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I’m not saying I want it to be buffed, because there are many shield phases, but it does seem to go down very quickly.

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That’s kind of what I was thinking (i.e., that it should be close enough of an approximation for so-called “government work”). Obviously the method @olivier_shady used was only an approximate method to determine the value, because of the impact of skills, guardian ranks, GR perks, elemental resistances, etc., but it should provide a close enough approximation to be able to determine whether the shield value is within the range of what it should be according to Mayhem scaling.

I wouldn’t mind it getting a little buff. It goes down too quickly imo. I can’t remember the last time I got Thor and the Krakken to spawn in during that fight. Near impossible unless you’re really careful.

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