Wotan the invincible mayhem 4 true takedown mode on cant beat

Hi there. Me and my cousin begun from mayhem 1 true takedown off for kill wotan. i have operative and he has fl4k. After we killed we went mayhem 1 true takedown on. By like that we reached mayhem 4 true takedown mode on. But we cant kill wotan. We kills adds first, after that we attack wotan. We have corrosive and shock cutsman but i prefer hellshock. And i prefer roisens thorns for corresive. İ have %24+%40 pistol damage bonus from mod and artifact. Do you have any legendary tactic idea for kill that bastard

Custmans were goods but not now.
I love hellshock too but it’s not the best against Wotan.

A storm for shields is fine as it just melts fast and then just any good corrosive. Torns is good but maybe use a corrosive craps instead.

Or try normal for the time being :wink:

Also depends on your mayhem mods :wink: