Wotan vs Cutsman

Has anyone attempted this yet? Curious wether it can penetrate his overshield or not.

Corrosive one with 100% damage after action skill is really good against him. Brainstormer for shields is really good. The Amara build I run just shreds.

I’m using Handsome Jackhammer with shock against his shield.
Works good on M4

But what I want to know is does the beam from the cutsman go through to big physical shield he has up. It goes through some other physical objects.

The Cutsman cannot pierce the physical shield itself it will only hit the gap in it. The best method to burn the shield is to fire on him from above after launching up one of the pillars. In the third phase (double shield) you will have to walk/run through the outer shield and shoot the gap in the shield to drop it. Then repeat the above process from one of the pillars to get the inner shield. I use Amara with the spiritual driver on in Shock element Action Skill, and use a Corrosive cutsman it melts the shield very quickly.

Right on. I usually don’t even bother picking up weapons with the “while airborne” anointment, but I came across a shock Cutsman with that anointment and it’s actually perfect for the Wotan fight.

i use the cutsman against him all the time and it is awesome for ripping shields and armour

I’m using shock and corrosive for his first 2 stages and for third stage on his bottom part.
For the flying one cutsman is just to slow.
So I’m using on him my Corrosive Lyuda with 125% more fire dmg after IB exit.
It just kills his flying part in seconds.

The brainstormer can chain through his shield if you hit an enemy outside of the shield.

His flying torso just glitched for me :frowning: it died first and never flew