Wotans legs will not break/pop M4 true takedown or any other difficulty

Hello, im having an issue with breaking Wotans legs after killing him. I’ve tried many things, using different weapons, other characters, even re-downloaded the game a few days ago just to make sure it wasn’t an issue like that.

This issue seems to be only me, i haven’t met or heard/seen anyone that has this issue. I’ve tried both my max level characters(flak, zane).
I’ve provided a video showing one of my Wotan kills, hopefully providing clarity on my issue.

I was having this issue last night too. Googling around found a Ki11erSix tweet thread (https://twitter.com/Ki11ersix/status/1236309405517438976) about using guns that shoot bullets and about making sure the gore setting is on. I had tried different guns and gore was on all the time. I’ll see how it does today.