Would a Aliens: Colonial Marines 2 be a possibility?

I know Gearbox let a few people down with their Aliens title but I think everybody disserves a second chance. After all, Gearbox has made quite a profit off of the Borderlands series. That being said, do you think the “new” Gearbox would be able to launch a new Aliens sequel better than Isolation? Is it even possible for gearbox to release a new title with the resources it has? I know Colonial Marines is kinda controversial but you know the community guidelines.

I welcome it…I think ACM is Great…To me–The scary Factor comes completely from Loud Noises/Alien Noises and definatly some more jump scares.I don’t think ACM or Alien Isolation is that scary without Stereo Headphones turned on to Full Blast.Welcomes any/all Aliens games in the future as ive loved almost every game that has been released so far.Hope Gearbox gets another chance–Just add more pop out jump scares and definatly Loud noises

Zero chance.

  1. gearbox doesn’t have the alien license. SEGA does.
  2. gearbox had a budget, of SEGA’s money. A:CM was the best they could do with the 20-60 million (depends on what website you look at).
  3. ignoring 1 & 2, gearbox would have to think that putting all its own money into a sequel of a game that was largely made by other studios, that was met with bad reviews and lawsuits over misrepresentation, and continuing a story largely derided as implausible and cheaply ended, was a great idea that wouldn’t get them laughed out of existence in the game industry. That being said, Id enjoy watching them try. Wouldn’t buy it, but would love the sideshow of trying to win people back.

A sequel to Colonial Marines is entirely up to SEGA.
GBX has zero say in this matter.

And given that SEGA were very quick to try and sweep A:CM under the rug… chances are pretty much none.
There’s definitely potential, but, SEGA is not known for being a great publisher to work with.

Rebellion have said they’d love to make another AvP title, but are on the fence about working with SEGA again. Monolith have no desire to work with SEGA again, after the Condemned series. As SEGA canceled the PC port of Condemned 2, even after Lith had it up and running… and then SEGA shut down pre-planning for Condemned 3.

I’m honestly floored that Alien: Isolation turned out so damn great. But, even then, SEGA have said a sequel to Isolation will only happen if they can prove it will be profitable. While the first one was one of the best selling horror games.