Would a Pre-Sequel 2 ever happen?

So before I get bashed I just want to say TPS was a great game introducing a lot of nice game mechanics that we still use today and great storytelling. It really fleshed out Jack’s character and Claptrap’s character. We got tidbits of great interactions between Athena/Lility/Mordecai/Brick. Playing the game a second time was fun for the new dialogue. Overall it just felt like a better game than base BL3.

So I want to add to that point that it fleshed out a lot of characters. A lot of people have problems with the Calypso Twins and other story elements that I think would benefit from having a more in-depth game experience with these characters. In Borderlands 2 Handsome Jack is at the top of his game at the very start of the game. Claptrap is on a desolated iceberg. TPS did a great job with that. TPS2 could do a similar job with a few key points I’m going to line out. The story can be set between Commander Lilith DLC and the start of BL3. Some key areas I’d like to know more about:
-Calypso Twins rising through the ranks becoming famous. I think it could be endearing seeing them “grow” so to speak just like you would your favorite Streamer (we get a touch of that in Echo logs but more is welcome. Tyreen puking was funny as hell)
-How all the Vault Hunters drifted apart after Roland
-What made Aurelia defect from Lilith or how she got away
-How Tannis got her Siren powers
-Lilith & Maya doing missions together (Was playing as Amara and in the story mission with Maya it was great fun as she Phaselocks enemies while I do my own Siren thing and we tag-team together!)
-Rise of Rhys and Zero
-Explanation of Tales of Borderlands Vault stuff

There are probably many more things to add but i’ll stop there. Now, for the Vault Hunters we would be playing I could see:

  1. I can finally see us playing Tiny Tina as she grows up. Explosives Expert related Action Skill obviously
  2. Fiona (Her Pistol Action Skill?)
  3. Loaderbot (Gortys Action Skill?)
  4. (Maybe a Jakobs or Maliwan Soldier as we would need a soldier class to play. Hell, a Tediore Soldier would be great fun)

I just can’t see them giving us all the answers and finishing up the story just in Borderlands 3 DLC. The Great War is probably going to be Borderlands 4 in 10 years. I would assume there would be another game in between.

Your thoughts?


Kill it with fire :joy:

On a serious note: The whole Jack thing is like a recent break up.

You reminisce about the good times you had together, sometimes with rose tinted specs.

But you grew apart and you’ve found something new. Sure it isn’t the all encompassing relationship you had with Jack, but its exciting and fresh and new…who knows where it could lead…

or if ■■■■ goes south, you still have Jacks number for that bootycall