Would any (possibly uk timezone as im from uk/maybe outside uk) be up for making 4 man team for new raid boss?

possibly looking to add people (possibly uk timezone as can sort time better but don’t mind non uk people either) for doing new raid boss as want to gather some of new guns and items etc! also does it need to be mh4 for new guns to drop or can they drop on mh3 as well when you kill raid boss ?

Depends on what time you’re hoping to play …

I can play roughly most times just like being aware of time beforehand as makes it easier as then can make time specific for it if that makes sense.

I’m kid free most of Saturday

My own is same as my user here … Add me n message me if you want to run a few

sure , as only know one new unique orange is from troy on mh4 which is shotgun but guessing each boss have new unique on mh4 I guess just figuring out which drops what

What system are you on? I’m from South Africa but have similar times to UK.
I too need friends for takedowns :blush:

ps4 but hopefully its posted in ps4 section!

I didn’t see that sorry, feel free to add me.
My GT is LouisWolf69

also maybe other bosses as well as heard other bosses on mayhem 4 drop new orange’s but also wanna do raid boss as well but he takes longer then other bosses now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also on as often as I can be, and would be up for creating a group in the PS messenger to plan raids with a group :blush:

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added/sent you both request, though also add each other if you like etc incase for raid bossing :stuck_out_tongue: