Would anyone be down to play with me on xbox one

Would anyone be down to play with me on xbox one.

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What’s your lvl? Playthru?

In always looking for people to hang with. Add me if you like gt- TwistedxSniper6

I’m usually on after 7pm est


I barely got the game

9pm to a little after midnight USA - EST
just message on xbox live and I will be glad to join in

so low level? no problem I have several toons at low levels or can even start NEW ONES

Lvl 8 GT: WonderChic27 plse add me

I gotta get in on this. I have a 49 Mechro, almost finished on TVHM. Mr T Owns210. Glad to help lowbies or go for raid bosses, or DLC.

Lvl 57 commando, GT is AtomskTheGrim. Shoot me a message and we’ll play sometime.

add me i always want someone to play with! have a 72 gunzerker im gonna get to op 8 with a riend, then i have 3 more characters around 30-35 i eed to grind on, would love some help or just someone to play with! my GT is ZOMBINASPEEDO

Ive got a 38 Gaige on TVHM and a 64 Zero on UVHM. Always down to play lateley. ImprovedSaber17

Lvl 57 commando TVHM. Always looking for new people to play with. Tired of randos kicking me cause they’re busy duping.

Hey im up for playing ive got all characters at op 8 but love game so play it with anyone who needs help