Would anyone be interested in making a clan?

We could all pitch in for teamspeak server (though it would probably be only like 5 bucks a month for a 20 person server, so I may do it.) Would really like to have some Homeworld vets involved!

Hi I have a community of 2600 members playing over 30 games including Homeworld. Homeworld will be new to TAW if you’d like to join us and help this game become one of 30 games in TAW, we would welcome your help. If you’d like to help get HomeWorld off the ground add me to steam mack221.

TAW has TS3

web: www.taw.net
come look at the web and see for yourself.
The game will be added to the list of games you can join, tomorrow there’s a meeting about the game coming into TAW if you’d like to come, send me a txt in steam and I will send you the password to join the TAW TS3 chat room

I was actually a part of taw like 8 months ago. I was a part of SC2 division. Would definitely like to come back to the group as a part of a HW division

Sweet do not know if you know me PWRR I did war thunder and H&G if you give me your TAW name I will have Eifer add you to HW TAW

It was OnlyMan. Email was gkconnor91@gmail.com

ok add me to steam mack221

ok I sent the email off for you to come back would you like to be a DI my be the SO for the NA side

Ya man. Would love to

ok well soon as they add you we get you in when you add me to steam I will send you the password to ts3

your back in TAW now just need to get you in TS now… look at your taw e mail

Just joined, highly encourage others to join!

I was considering re-launching my Star Trek Online “The Sixth Fleet” group for this game (at http://6thfleet.com) but I’ll see how well the game lends itself to fleet play before making any decisions.

AS i host alot of hardware, websites and teamspeaks wont be a problem for me, if anyone wants any assistance around those areas feel free to pm me and would be happy to help for the sake of home world :slight_smile: That is also considering if you dont wanna join TAW :slight_smile: muhahah