Would anyone be up for power leveling me?

It would be much appreciated thanks.

Just out of curiousity, how’s it done? I’m used to powerlvling people in D3, but I wouldn’t know how to go about it in BL3 tbh. And how long would it take?

Pretty sure it’s slaughter house farm. Someone who is used to it juste clear it while the other wait.

ah ok, thnx for the info. Any idea how long it would take to go from 1-50, without using the offline thingy? Just watched some yt vids on it, but all are using the offline glitch tbh, wich i don’t really like.

Don’t know, but I’m pretty sure it should not be that long.

First, host should use Coopetition not Cooperation.
This way all mobs going to be lv.50
Second, person doing slaughter should be good enough/have good gear/build to clear 2 player scaled map, solo.

Yup, also sorry for not responding sooner