Would anyone, by chance, have a spare OP8 grog nozzle?

(J_Fuzz007) #1

So I didn’t know this site existed until a couple days ago, and saw some recent posts about trading op8 grogs. Back when they did the loot drop mission for the grog nozzle, I wasn’t maxed out yet, and am hoping someone would be willing to donate a spare op8 one, since I’m hoping to get a full line of op8 gear. :smile:

(J_Fuzz007) #2

Oh, my and gamertag is J Fuzz 007. I have several other OP8 items, so I’d be willing to drop something in return if I have it.

(J_Fuzz007) #3

Request has been resolved elsewhere!

(KillingLegacy) #4

I’d be interested in a permanent version as well. May I ask where you got your request resolved?

(J_Fuzz007) #5

I got it from a guy in an Xbox One BL2 club.

Since I actually ended up with more than one, I’d be happy to drop one for ya if we end up available at the same time.

(KillingLegacy) #6

That would amazing of you, dude! I’ll be online around 4pm est tomorrow/today. What’s your gamertage and I’ll add you? Mine’s Killing Legacy

(KillingLegacy) #7

Whoops, I just noticed you have your gamertag already posted. My bad. I’ll add you tomorrow and hit you up.

(J_Fuzz007) #8

Sounds good. That should be 3 central. I’ll try to make sure I’m on then!

(KillingLegacy) #9

I just got home from work. Sent you a friend request, and I should be on for most of the evening.

(Jdflores5511) #10

You guys have a spare one also i need one as well gamer tag is HAVOCWRECKAGE : greatly appreciated if you guys can



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