Would anyone care for a match?

Is there anyone who would be willing to condescend to a multi player match with me? I know that sounds odd, but let me give some background. I suffer from a disability, as a result, even playing vs. the CPU proves to be too challenging. However, I also am an _avid_fan of Home World and the remastered just blows me away.


I hate to be the first one to answer to you publicly and not offer you a game, but I would recommend asking this question over at https://www.reddit.com/r/homeworld/ for perhaps a better chance of finding people looking to play such a multiplayer game.

A word of warning though, this game has traditionally not had much of its player base engaging very often in multiplayer, and so everyone struggles to find a game with others online.

All the best.


Edit: The steam forums http://steamcommunity.com/app/244160/discussions/ seem pretty active too.

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Theres also the Discord chat. the link is on the r/homeworld sidebar

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No, that actually helps a lot thanks very much. You are awesome :slight_smile: