Would anyone else really like to see an update that removes the scope from the masterwork crossbow sniper?

I’ve been in love with this gun ever since the game’s release(especially now that it’s Mayhem 10 viable)but I feel like giving it iron sights was a massive missed opportunity considering it’s obviously the spiritual successor to the longbow from Borderlands 2. Do you think there’s any way we could work together to make this happen? I’m not saying they should release an update solely for this sniper,but maybe just as an extra change for a hotfix? They’ve reworked weapons completely in the past so I’m sure it’s not too farfetched. Thoughts?

Would be fine with that personally. Agree about the Borderlands 2 Longbow bit, they feel quite similar to use aside from the mag size

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I’d love an option to remove scopes on all weapons.

I just love iron sights.

They should buff the two-time. And all the other quest rewards too, come to think of it.


I mean, it probably wouldn’t make it harder to aim with as is, anyways.

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