Would anyone else want the Vault Hunters as Battle born?

Just thinking about it. Obviously their skill set would need to be streamlined but I think it would be a good idea. Both for fun and to get more interest in battleborn.

For like Gaige I think it could go
Anti Shayne
Passive: Anarchy - every time gauge gets a kill, her damage goes up by 1%, to a maximum of 25%. Loses 10 stacks upon death.
Weapon: Shotgun
Talent: Digistruct Arm - Gaige can heal buildables as well as 20% reduced cost for constructing buildables. Her arm can be modified to construct a more powerful Deathtrap.

Skill 1: Deathtrap - deploys Deathtrap who attacks enemies in the targeted area (like a cc drop)
Skill 2: ? (Tesla grenade?)
Ultimate: Robot Rampage -Toggle to control Deathtrap directly as gaige rides on its shoulder. Primary attack swipes with claws, secondary attack is an Explosive Clap, damaging all nearby enemies

Left side - Best Friends Forever
Right side - Anarchy

Helix level 1

Annoyed Android - Increase Death trap’s movement speed by 30%
Close Enough - 50% of shots richochet off environment towards enemies for 50% damage

Level 2
Cooking Up Trouble - Regen 5% health per second when your magazine is full
Unstoppable Force - killing an enemy grants 30% movement speed for 3 seconds and causescauses shields to immediately start recharging.
Lv 3
Strength of Five Gorillas - Increase Deathtraps damage by 40%
Smaller, Lighter, Faster - increases your shotguns reload speedby 50%

Shock Storm -when deathtrap kills an enemy they explode into an electrical storm, damaging nearby enemies.
Shock and AAAGGGGHHH! - reloading your gun causes an electrical explosion, damaging nearby enemiesand doing bonus damage to shields.

Lv 5
Torgue rounds - Shotgun now fires explosive rounds with splash damage
Maliwan Rounds - shotgun now fires electric rounds that do bonus damage to shields.
Lv 6
Made of Sterner Stuff - 10% damage reduction for you and deathtrap
Interspersed Outburst - not shooting for ten seconds grants a Slag charge. Shooting an enemy with a Slag shot deals 40% bonus damage.

Lv 7
20% Cooler - 60% cool down rate on Robot Rampage
Typecast Iconoclast - whenever you gain a stack of anarchy, there is a 30% chance you will gain an additional stack

Lv 8

Upshot Robot - each kill made by you or Deathtrap increases Deathtraps damage by 5% for 15 seconds. Can stack up to ten times.
Discord - prematurely reloading now causes you to gradually lose anarchy stacks, increasing accuracy and fire rate. Manually reloading again deactivates Discord.
Lv 9
Makeit Sparkle - Deathtrap is imbued with the same element as your gun, doing either additional Burn or Explosive damage with its melee strikes
Preshrunk Cyberpunk - Increases the maximum anarchy stacks to 50.

Lv 10
Sharing Is Caring - Deathtrap gains a shield, and an additional Over shield when Robot Rampage begins while Gaige gets an overshield when the skill ends
Little Big Trouble - deathtraps primary attack is replaced with The Stare, a mid range laser that’s fired at the target, and its secondary attack is replaced with One Two Boom, a large orb that if shot by gauge or allies, explodes dealing damage to nearby enemies.

And for Brick
Passive -
Berserker - Brick attacks with his fists. Primary attack is quick jabs, alternate attack is a powerful uppercut that knocks enemies back.
Talent - the Slab King is able to take mountains of damage while dishing out even more

Skill 1 - Sledge’s Hammer: brick slams down with his massive hammer, knocking nearby enemies into the air
Skill 2 - Explosive Punch: Bricks punches deal addit
Ultimate Berserk: Brick gains 40% Damage Resistance, and regens 30hps for 10 seconds
Helix Trees

Lv 1
Sting Like A Bee - melee attacks now cause brick to dash forward at enemies (20 feet)
Hardened - increases maximum health by 460
Lv 2
Short Fuse - decreases skill cool downs when you get a kill
Bash - Sledge Hammer now stuns enemies hit directly
Lv 3
Heavy Handed - getting a kill increases damage with fists for 5 seconds
Safeguard - increases shield strength by 340
Lv 4
Pay back - after shields are depleted you deal additional damage for 3 seconds
Diehard - increases health regent
Lv 5
Iron Fist - increases melee damage by 30%
Juggernaut - killing an enemy grants 30% damage resistance for 3 seconds
Lv 6
Endowed - Sledges Hammer deals more damage
Liquidate - landing a direct hit with Sledge Hammer reduces its cool down

Lv 7
Endless Rage - increases duration or berserk
Unbreakable - when shield is depleted you gain 5 seconds of shield regeneration
Lv 8
Blood Sport - killing an enemy grants Health Regent for 5 seconds
Rapid reload - killing an enemy reduces cool down of explosive punches
Lv 9
Incendiary Punch - switches Explosive punch to a burn effect on hit
Lv 10
Revenge - Getting a kill while Berserking increases all damage by 20%
Master Blaster - Brick now wields Sledges Hammer while berserking,primary attack for a wide swing, secondary to throw it

and Nisha
Passive - Order: every time you take 15% of max health you gain an order stack. For each stack you have a 2% chance to heal double the damage taken. Up to 25 stacks. Stacks last for 10 seconds
Lawgivers - Nisja dual wields her trusty lawgiver pistols, as well as her favorite whip. Primary fires right pistol, secondary fires left pistol
Skill 1 - Discipline - Nisha attacks with her wip, stunning enemies
Skill 2 - Rough Rider - Nisha does a butt slam after jumping into the air
Ultimate - Showdown -Nishas lawgivers are granted additional damage, firing rate, reload speed, improved accuracy and reduced recoil for 6 seconds.
Talent - Oz Kit: nisha is able to do assisted jumps, granting her higher jumps and more air time. r
Helix tree
Law and Order
Fan The Hammer
Lv 1
Discipline - upon reaching 10 order stacks, shields start recharging.
Magnificent Six - the last three bullets in each Lawgiver deals 40% bonus damage
Lv 2
Wanted - Enemies who attack you take additional damage from your next attack
Bonafide Grit - killing an enemy granta health regeneration for a few seconds
Lv 3
The Third Degree - Discipline now deals additional damage
Saddle Up - Rough Rider now travels further
Lv 4
Due process - after taking melee damage, you deal increased gun damage for 3 seconds, and vice versa
Unchained - shooting an enemy grants increased fire rate forn2 seconds
No pain no gain - reduces skill cool downs as you take damage
Fistful of bullets - increases lawgivers magazine size by 3, (from 6 to 9 bullets)
Pickpocket - Discipline now instantly reloads your Lawgivers
Tombstone - All shots have a chance to count as critical hits (15% chance)

Lv 7 -
Thunder Crackdown - Discipline now causes a lightning strike in an arc, increasing range and damage
Hot Lead - Critical Hits now set enemies aflame, dealing additional damage over time
Lv 8
Blood of the guilty - increases chance of Order heals
High noon - increases lawgiver damage
Lv 9
Raring to go - rough rider now does a second leap and slam
trick shot- bullets noe bounce to an additional enemy

Lv 10
Law - while Showdown is active, Nisha gains an overshied and increas movement speed, skill damage, and health regent.
The Unforgiven - during Showdown, bullets now have shield penetration, prevent healing, and upon conclusion of Showdown, detonate for additional damage per bullet that hit the enemy.

I’m aware these aren’t balanced at all lol


Lol guess not

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Skins would be awesome, the occasional Gear that makes references or nods to the Vault Hunters would be awesome, but I think that’d be the limit.

BattleBorn is its own glorious beast, plus if the two franchises do take place in the same universe the Vault Hunters are long gone as the events in BattleBorn takes place thousands of years after the Borderlands games

It doesn’t need to make SENSE, just say a vault transported then there or something lol

The varelsi break the universe, and in the midst of making a v. Portal, the Battleborn split the reality and pull Pandora in, and so a bunch of characters get dropped in. :stuck_out_tongue: there, halfway decent excuse! I would love that.
Mechro ult should be she controls him from a distance for a bit. Like abby ult in HotS if you’ve played that, but without having to duplicate a teammate! Jack would be awesome to be…

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A dlc cameo needn’t be cannon look at mortal kombat with alien, Jason and predator, I want a vault hunter for sure

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Well I always liked how her promo art has her riding deathtrap and I wanted that lol. Plus skill 1 is already casting him at a distance like Shayne ultimate.

Hmm. I’d prefer her trait be anarchy stacks :wink:
Skill 1 makes him launch (like Shayne’s fetch) and smash the ground, rather than pull, doing a knockup. A helix would allow him to hit repeatedly but not knockup.
Skill 2 Dethclap, a cone in front of her gets hit pretty hard and knocked back Lumberjack Dash distance.
Ult, control deathtrap (I can’t decide if I like remote or riding on it better :P) he has two swipes, then does a spin (like Rath combo, but heavy hitting and like the spin move he got) his alt would be the beam of death. He can use skill one to launch the exploding ball thingy, skill two still does death clap, and the cd on clap carrcarried over.
Iunno but helix’s, but that’s my ideal Gaige :slight_smile:

Wow you put a lot of thought into that, great work, many kudos!

But I don’t want to sound like the negative nancy (and I’m going to, sigh)…
But I kind of hope they don’t link the two…

Borderlands is a very successful franchise, and Battleborn is still testing the waters…
And let’s be honest, it isn’t exactly having its praises sung, like Borderlands now is (it had to earn it too, mind you)…
Though Battleborn still has much room to grow, the shoes might be big now, but I have faith that they can grow into them…

Gearbox loves all their video game babies…
But all parents have a favourite child (don’t deny it parents!)…
And well, Borderlands is their more successful kid…

Let’s say Borderlands is a doctor, and the parents unknowingly drop their name whenever they can in pride…
While Battleborn… Right now… It delivers pizzas…
And the parents, might still be proud…
But they might not drop their name in the same sentence of the Doctor…

But, if they move on to something bigger and better… Get that promotion… then hey, time to share that spotlight! (A joint project of skins, or something via DLC or shift code)

Man, I need to work on my analogies, haha.


Totally. Before Alani, Lilith was the most sexy gearbox character. And Krieg is just a funsplosion.

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It could work, but the way this game’s publicity seems to be going then adding playable characters would probably be seen as a desperate attempt to “revive” this “dying” game lol. I can already see a lot of similarities between BB and BL as it is - Deande’s holotwin = Zero’s deception, Shayne & Aurox = Gaige & Deathtrap, Salvador = Ghalt, Brick = El Dragon, Mordecai = Marquis (pet birds… c’mon), Axton = Oscar Mike, Krieg = Whisky Foxtrot, Galilea = Athena. Anyone else notice that Alani’s geyser looks suspiciously similar to Maya’s phaselock??

That said, they could use those similarities to tie the BL characters in quite well if they wanted. I wonder what impact introducing BL characters would have to BB, but at the same time I would be absolutely nutballs crazy excited if they did! I’d be happy to play any of my vault hunters in any game. Skyrim with Krieg. Uncharted: The Axton Collection. Hell, I’d play a Claptrap the Hedgehog game (and I don’t even like Sonic games all that much! lol)

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Great idea. They already have the assets and voiceacting laying around, so why not.

I wouldn’t see a crossover since most of the guys are pretty much duplicates of the skills the batteborn guys have. The robot guy with the bird for instance, he’s basically mordicai from the first game. Gallilea is basically the same as the girl from Borderlands pre-sequal. Right down to the shield throw. I would agree that I wouldn’t put it passed them to make some kind of snarky reference to the vaults.

The last thing I want this game to do is play off it’s previous IP’s success. If this game is going to be a hit it needs to do so without milking everything it’s worth. Adding in “vault hunters” will only sour my taste for this game and the originality it had. I like new characters and I don’t want to play the same characters again and again because it worked for Borderlands. This is Battleborn and lets keep it that way.


montanna needs a mr toruge skin lol


Well I was thinking maybe only two from each game to get around that.

Brick and Lilith
Gaige and Salvador
Nisha and Jack

We don’t need Roland Axton or Wilhelm because we already have regular soldiers

Don’t need Mordecai because Marquis
Zeros hologram gimmick is taken by deande
Sal at least could be unique by dual wielding two LMGs.

Don’t need Athena because Galilea
Don’t need Aurelia because sniper unless you focus on frost for slows but Alani has that covered.
Don’t need Maya because alani has the same skill with Geyser.
Don’t need Claptrap because no.

I thought about this earlier and the seem like a really good fit for Battleborn. Just give me Tiny Tina as a sentry /turret builder and I’d be happy.

I loved playing Aurelia for her ice storm and that ice chip that would just go around killing people.

I bet if you were to ask them now, they wish they would’ve used borderlands characters. Would’ve a lot more copys.

I do hope they add a couple things. Like a level that’s a vault or loader bot character.

Lol yeah that with a purple tedior shield and she could just walk around as her shield artillery strikes everything for her.