Would anyone else want the Vault Hunters as Battle born?

Not really, part of what I like about Battleborn is that it is a fresh amalgamation of tried and true gaming tropes.

This would mean I could annoy everyone as Claptrap, much as I did in The Pre-Sequel. I’d have Vault_Hunter.exe in Battleborn! @_@

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

< ahem. >

Not a bad idea, that.

LOL, it was great when you could predict which one it would come up with. I liked the disco ball of doom, or the pirate ship.

Nobody here expects it soon :stuck_out_tongue: we’re just hoping in the future. And don’t say that negativity about the game dying! :frowning: I’ve been waiting years for it!

I think Claptrap should be a guest Minrec on a BL themed stage.

But I vote for Nisha being one of the two presequel battle born so who would you rather have Jack or Claptrap?

Jack. Hands down. 1, clappy is just dhendjcidpsvk bleh. 2, Jack! He’d also fit the humor in this game, I want to hear about him scooping eyeballs out with spoons!
I was never a Nisha fan, but she’s more unique than another sniper. I think Athena and Gali would be friends :stuck_out_tongue: and brick would be like Atty’s less intelligent human brother!

I was trying to gear brick towards being a straight berserker in that once he starts getting sequential kills he’s a monster, but no real way to tell unless he was actually playable lol.

Anyone else okay with that whole “only two vault hunters from each game” idea?

Brick and Lilith
Gaige and ?
Nisha and either Jack or Claptrap

I would say at least make them some sort of legendary skins for existing characters. Like as if they were cosplay. Marquis in a Mordecai costume, Oscar Mike as Axton, Rath in a Zer0 costume ect. If you think about it , a lot of Battleborn characters are similar to Borderlands.

Only if EVERY battle born got a borderlands skin, and I’m not sure how that could work.

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