Would anyone would like to be my BL gaming friend?

and help me out? I’m doing Takedown M2 solo and overall this game is disappointed with NO friends and I have a hard time getting certain stuffs I like (Kyb’s for example).

I have a hard time to get by with this game with playing with friends

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PSN: JayBowdy, at work now, central time US, won’t play until later tonight, but always up to game as long as I am not rushed for time (for work/bed/etc) during short sessions I just farm real quick.

I will add you asap and thanks

What char/ build do you use?

Currently using Zane. I use all VHs but Fl4k is my least played VH

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Moved to PS4 section - good luck!

I think I already have your PSN added, but always down for the takedown just MSG me Rchris92

I’ll check and if by any chance it’s our first time meeting I’ll add you. Currently in my bed