Would Athena be called the Siren of the game?

I’m gonna be doing a Siren run (Lilith, Maya-) then when I hit this game…it sorta becomes who is closer to a Siren lol. So considering Athena’s elemental tree, would some call her the “Siren” of the game. (Despite the game not having them lol)

Seeing as how Lilith’s and Maya’s action skills don’t require a weapon, I’d say Athena is about as close as you’re going to get to a siren in TPS.

While I agree with @Gulfwulf, there was some interesting discussion around Aurelia recently, and a few have suggested her as a siren equivalent also. Take a look:

I would agree about Aurelia being the most Siren-like. She plays similarly to a sniper Maya.

I too would vote Aurelia to be this game’s siren equivalent.

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Athenas more of her own entity than a siren. Aurelia is more Maya like in terms that you need to be smart in how you position and use ur abilities to succeed, whereas Athena is at her core, almost a Sal type where you kinda just run in and give no chainsaws, despite having way more mechanical play than you would associate with the Sal type.