Would be nice feature if Taunts/Skins could be sorted

It seems they are kind of… well “Sorted” according to the Order of unlocking in the character select section.

Is also somewhat annoying that your “Default” skin is not the first in the List, but the the one right to the characters original skin.

It’s not a big Issue, but it would be really nice to sort them so the Skins/Taunts I use more often come first and those I don’t use/like come last.

Also would be cool to have an option to sort them In the command like this:

-Lore Challenge Unlock
-Rank 15 Unlock
-Faction Pack unlock
-DDE Exclusive (Caldarius/Miko/Phoebe/Oscar Mike/Orendi)
-Premium Taunts (in Order of release Date)
-Taunts unlocked by Operations(In Tobys case first 25 / 50 / 75 Points Taunt, not sure future DLC will give one character three Taunts… als first OPs 1 2 3 [because Mikey will get, at least one more in the next OP])
-Any “yet to unlock” Taunts

For the Skins
-Rank Up Skins (in order of unlocking)
-Master of Skin
-Faction Pack Skins(Pinkish/Yellow+Purple/White)
-Shift Codes Skins (Gold/Cyber/Whatever that “Secret Skin” of Toby might be called)
-OPs Skins (40 Points OP1 / 85 Points OP1 / 40 Points OP2 / 85 Points OP2 and so on)
-Premium Skins (in order of release)
-Any “Yet to be unlocked” Skins

I know all that sorting thing is not necessary, but I still felt like asking for this, as I see it’s hard to tell where which skins come from, and it’s sort of “Broken” Alphabetical sorted.

First, the Original Taunt is always number one. Then comes Alphabetical, but in case of Orendi and Marquis the Taunt “BWAAAAAAH” for Orendi shouldn’t be in Place 2 and in case of Marquis Partytrick.exe and Victoriousgloat.exe shouldn’t be the last.

Such irregularity really annoys me.

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