Would be nice if FL4Ks pet also would open and collect all the stuff for me

You know like all those little boxes and stuff and also automatically collect all the ammo and money for me. I mean for what else do I have a “jabber slave” if he does nothing 60% of the time, so yeah he could at least open and collect all the stuff for me while idling or generally. :rofl:


Ain’t no jabber got time for that! He too busy making obnoxious noises and standing on top of things you want to loot to be helpful.


Well I went to Athens to grab me some hecktoplasm and I said oh lord Jesus it’s an ammo crate. My Jabber ran out he didn’t have no shoes or nothing Jesus. I went to reload and I was out of ammo. A ghost got me! Ain’t no jabber got time for dat.

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The Jabber also don’t shoot ghosts, but simply ignore them like all NPCs and anyone else does.

That’s because He ain’t afraid of no ghosts. He is simply just too cool for all that hekto-hatin.

I just hate one of the most reasons why I use a jabber in the first place is for his ability to use guns that shoot fast. When I Gamma him it makes him stupid and revert back to a melee monkey

But yea if he could run around and collect ammo that would be a real nice tough. For the Digi-Clone I would get it because it is a Hologram (Don’t think too much into it) but this pet is an actual pet in a pet+slave relationship with Flak. It definitely should be picking up more slack.