Would be nice if we could pivot away from this "Nerf Everything" philosiphy. It feels bad

This has really gotten out of hand. This whole nerfing the FUN right out of the game situation is demoralizing.

It feels bad that the devs are taking the smallest sample size of players and balancing around them.

How about this, instead of NERFING all GOOD parts, try instead BUFFING the BAD parts.

First it was Zane, nerfed into the ground before launch. So, I pivot to Amara, who gets nerfed. Pivot to FL4K, who gets nerfed, pivot to Moze…

There are no good characters left. ALL THE VH’S SUCK NOW. Is everyone happy? Cuz I sure ain’t.

Three weeks ago this game was fun. Now it’s a chore, and boring, so boring. I don’t feel like spending minutes killing a single non-bad ass mob. Seriously.

I’m so frustrated with this head space the devs are in. They’re taking all the fun out of it.


You are absolutely correct these nerfs in a non competitive game are childish.


Yer right on bro. But hang in there cos I feel this game will be a gem if they get there act together. I don’t understand the level of nerfs we all know we ain’t wanting a balenced game when we are thinking of past titles like bl2 extra but the way they’re carelessly nerfing must show that they is one guy in that office hanging onto his job. Like this game could be updated and patchd what is broke and inprove but all this fiff faff and fuss about weapons and abuilitys being to good or useful just shows he was sopse to go weeks ago and is just casueing reason for work. Well I see a lot of bizzy work and if this is what’s Gona be the script for the next few months just you watch how the Dev who is in control of patches, watch them go haha.

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I’m going to give them time to get it right. Having preordered all of them but tps,this game is more balanced difficulty wise than any of the other previous games,and it’s just over a month old. Sure the nerfs suck,but they have a lot of time,and the experience to figure it out. Meanwhile this game offers different difficulty options from normal to mayhem 3 (mayhem 4 coming soon) that give you great ways to enjoy your game. Mayhem 3 as of right now is only difficult when fighting multiple teleporting annointeds while fighting rolls that are just as bad or worse. The devs are well aware of mayhem 3’s modifier problem and rn have temporarily adjusted them,so it should be feasible for them to implement permanent adjustments. Rn I play on mayhem 1,and I farm on mayhem 3,along with running some proving grounds. Good hunting,my friends!

Think of it this way:

Let’s say you have a living breathing being that you love and cherish and it was born of pure Awesome… And the “Universe” says to you, “Things must be in balance for this being to be loved and successful.”

A scale is placed in front of you and your being pushes the scales down. Now, do you cut off a leg or hand to balance the scale? Or do you put a stone on the other side to raise the being up?

I’m all about bringing things UP to equal. Not cutting off and maiming something that is already good so that the bad stuff looks better in comparison.


I am holding out hope that these “nerfs” are just to ensure that the raid boss, whenever it is finally turned on, isn’t shredded instantly. If there is any other reason to nerf, I would be terribly disappointed.

Rather than label Gearbox’ decisions “childish”, I suggest you’ll be more effective if you inform yourself properly in the first place, and, secondly, give concrete examples about which nerf you think has gone too far.

Gearbox devs have already said that most of the nerfs are done; complaining about them now is rather pointless when they’ve already said very few if any more are coming.

Most of the gear that has been nerfed that people I’ve seen play using them are still being used by those people - because they are still among the most powerful items in the game. The nerfs are by and large akin to the nerf of the Bee shield in BL2 - yes, a significant drop in power, but still considered to be OP by the vast majority of players. The same is true of the Flakker and Lyuda in BL3 - still OP, even after significant reductions in power.

My preference is to look for a variety of gear and test with a variety of builds. For me, that’s important for me to stay interested in the game. I suggest having a different mindset that doesn’t involve only farming Bosses and killing them in seconds might help others develop a broader perspective, and so make them less concerned about gear that is no longer as broken as it was. :smiley:


So all the stuff in the game guns, skill , relics and class mods are there to to give you a advantage. As soon as a player finds a good combo to take advantage they change it. I now have all the characters lv 50 and all been nerfed. Did they not test this game, so many huge changes and starting to feel this never was a finished game. Did I get what I paid for? Don’t feel like playing now. thank you Gearbox! It was a game to have fun, you sure killed all of it even my friends stop playing! Hope you turn this around and I know for sure none of you play Mayhem 3.

So what if we are over powered or killing a boss in one hit. We are not doing anything but spending our own time playing and having fun. It do not affect any one but the player. I feel I got suckered in to this game and now you taking out so much of the game that the game is not the game I bought.

If you made a item to be used with the text on said item. Why are you now taking that away!

Only test to see how bad this game have been nerfed between the characters. Make one of each and go true vault hunter mode on mayhem 3, then fight all of them in the slaughter shaft. Now how is that even balanced?

I have essential tremors making my hands sometimes shake/jerk I loved the Moze grenade build as I did not need to use my gun as much and made me play better. In this last update you killed that. Now it does not get grenades or healing as said items said it will.

PS: Can you buff the guns and skills that are weak/don’t work good? Maybe do that before taking good things away with out replacing it with something else?
Still hoping you fix to the better!


As a “non casual” player I’ve come to terms with the nerfs. Basically they messed up and released the game too early. As a result they had no idea where the power levels of the gear and characters were. They have been correcting things to make sure that the best gear is not orders of magnitude better than everything else to attempt to increase diversity. The reason these nerfs are required is for the long term health of the game.

However for “casual” players this is game breaking. I have a friend who plays less seriously and I’ve given up all hope of getting him to come back. Most “casual” players just want to get the OP stuff and face roll stuff and feel cool. Like what other game lets you destroy people in the cool ways borderlands does. They got intrigued by seeing how cool the game is at the end and copying the most OP endgame build.


Crit/discoball fl4k:
Turn invisible find the biggest dude shoot him in the head with a mini gun that ricochet elemental bullets in a discoball of death to murder everyone in the whole area.

Flakker/Hex Spam Moze:
Basically become a walking armada of explosions

Now I am trying to get my friend back he plays moze. I’m like oh hex grenades got nerfed but its not too bad. Oh the flakker only has one bullet in the mag but with reload canceling its not a big deal and now its more ammo efficient. Oh also someone forgot to play test the patch and grenade regeneration straight up doesn’t work with the best grenades anymore. So just like post up for a month while they get it together.

Casual players aren’t willing to adapt. There just like oh all my gear and build got nerfed whatever i’ll just go play fortnight or call of duty.

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Would be nice if people would stop focusing on the nerfs and acknowledge that there have been more buffs. You can’t cry for buffs while ignoring how many there have been. I doubt most people who make posts like these have even tried the buffed gear.

This is a nonsensical overreaction and I refuse to believe that you’re irrational enough not to realise it.


They aren’t. They are using all the data from millions of gamers.


Some customers are clearly not prepared to be involuntary beta testers. They do not like to have things “nerfed into oblivion”. We can explain that it is nothing personal, it’s just an adjustment to outliers because of statistics…but we are wasting our breath.

Other customers are far more tolerant of hotfixes and patches. They want the game to be more balanced than BL2 and understand that disruptive changes will be made to gear and skills.

Gearbox and 2K have obviously upset thousands of customers by including them in a paid beta version of BL3. And now they have regretably had a sub-optimal experience – instead of an excellent experience (had the game been published in December for holiday sales in a more refined status).

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The problem with your scale comparison is that both sides are only balanced relative to each other. Item/skill balance in an RPG has a third variable: game difficulty. Both sides (strong and weak skills/equipment) are also relative to that third one. If the developers want their game to be challenging at the absolute endgame nerfing overperforming stuff makes more sense than pushing everything underperforming to the same level. Otherwise, that would result in massive power creep making new supposed-to-be-challenging content irrelevant at the day of arrival. Some people enjoy power creep, others don’t.

Besides that, I don’t see how their philosophy is “Nerf Everything”. Yeah, a few vastly overperforming pieces (a lot of people were using) got nerfed but that’s about it. Most of these items are still very strong, stronger than most alternatives. And a whole lot more underperforming things got buffed.


Sadly the nerfbat syndrome is a trend I’ve come to expect these days in almost every online game. I know that within a few weeks of release the nerf patch will come out.

Knowing this I go into the early stages of release awaiting the eventual nerf to certain classes & items.

Whenever you start hearing “balancing” … yep nerf patch.

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Not sure if sarcastic or serious.

The problem with the nerfs is, reduce the damage directly reduce defense. Life Regen sucks in this game. To add insult to injury there is even a less Regen debuff mayhem modifier.

It’s not fun when you are constantly down .

In games like Horizon zero damn, many bigger machines takes a lot of hits to go down. But it was compensate by Your character having massive defense layers, potions, helbs, resistance antidotes .

So even if you do not one shot most machines, you feel like a badass when you finally destroy all the big machines .

Many of the defense skills just not cutting it in mayhem 3, especially against rocket spammers CoV.

How is what I said sarcastic? Millions of people play the game. Millions of people are online, millions of people are doing things. The devs are collecting data from millions of people.

Millions of people playing, & collecting data from millions of people are NOT the same thing…

Just because you are online, doesn’t mean they know what gears you have, how many items you have in your bank, who you online with etc. You think GB is facebook? Oops

To do all these, they have to be program in, its not simple, & highly unlikely.

It’s 2019, this is something that is easily programmed in. The world is run on data. People and companies collect all kinds of data for many, many purposes. And this was part of BL2, so it’s pretty easy to assume there is a similar program collecting data.

Shift does a lot of data gathering. Like, a whole lot.

More than you can imagine. But not passwords.


I think you’re overly optimistic in assuming that Gearbox staff are looking at the data from ‘millions’ of players before making these nerfs to high-end gear/builds. Looking at TrueAchievements for example, only 36% of their registered players have even reached level 50 (23,040 players), and this is a site that values achievement and ‘completions’.

Even after reaching level 50, there’s still tons of farming to be done before getting one of these OP builds. I have two toons to 50, and have spent a fair amount of time running bosses and have yet to get even one level 50 legendary com, let alone the perfect OP one.

No, I’d say Gearbox is knee-jerk reacting to popular builds on YouTube and Twitch, and the WEEKLY nerfing to both gear and drop rates has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. Call me casual, whatever, I now have no plans to pick up the season pass - will likely pick up the eventual Complete Edition when it comes out in a few years. Plenty of other games to play in the meantime.