Would be really nice if we could deposit money into the bank for pack mule characters

It would be cool if we could deposit money into the bank as well as possibly adding a second vault for your personal characters (non shared).


Or just farm on your main and open the mail on your alt. Dump your cash at moxxis tip jar, collect guns on alt.


That gets annoying after awhile, might as well just be able to deposit money, it gets to the point where there isnt really any use for money on your mains

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One other thing that I noticed the other day (finally).
The Lost Loot machine is for all your characters also.

So if you take your lvl 50 character out for a spin and leave a bunch of blues & purples on the ground, when you launch your lower-level character that character can collect them from eh lost loot machine and sell 'em.
A little less tedious that going back and forth to the ship to drop stuff off.

Though yeah, I agree, I have always (in BL2 and 3) wanted to gift money to my other characters. 'Ridium too.


I just dont see a point to code everything in ez mode. A little effort of the players part gets it done.

Lol what? They are pack mule characters, not that it takes a lot of effort transferring weapons over to sell but still may as well just deposit money instead.

“Lol what” no magic button. They would have to code a “slot” for money, a way to deposit a selected amount, a way to retrieve a selective amount. Or share money across all toons. Quite a bit of work. Cant you get a friend to slid money? That is if players can share money, never looked tbh

Yeah but you should not have to do that, if you can do it that way then why not just throw money in the vault? Im not desperate for it but I do see it as a nice quality of life change. I really don’t see the big deal.

I used to use the eridian gun on a level 50 and throw all the guns in the bank for the low level to take out and sell. Got 3 characters to 7/8 weap sdu and inventory slots before i even started playing them lol

Thats what I do too but again its gets annoying after awhile. If your just going to sell the gear anyways depositing money just does not seem like a big deal.

If you run takedown you can just do loot recovery machine on an alt after each run and get money on them quick like that. I started doing it a long time ago before i planned on playing them to prepare though lol.

True, depositing money would still be a nice addition anyways.

It would be great if the money and eridium was just a shared currency between all characters like the bank tbh. I would love eridium to be shared in those rare leveling moments of Earl’s eridium vending machine farming(i.e. double penetrating shottie for flak boss killing).

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That could be cool too

I don’t think they want you to instantly buy all your upgrades though.

Idk about that, If that were the case why even allow a shared vault in the first place where we can sell stuff especially for pack mule characters?

An unintended side effect of sharing a bank. But you don’t get weapons worth millions.

This. I started a Moze recently and forgot that I’d been wreaking havoc with my L50 Amara just prior. When I got to Sanctuary just by opening the Lost Loot I was able to immediately bump my backpack SDUs up to 34 and jump three levels on each weapon SDU. I never bothered doing it again after that because I never ran out of ammo or backpack space again while leveling up, so it wasn’t like it was a great chore.

Amazing suggestion - May I also add, farm a boss on your main, then let your alt drop the ■■■■ out of the lost loot machine?

I usually make the mule sell all the garbage in the lost loot machine, the mail can be worth checking too.