Would Complaining through a hashtag help get a Steam release?

I’m wondering if Gearbox would cancel the deal early if thousands of their player base would complain through a hashtag. It’s how Rainbow added in the ACOG on the BOSG, through a hashtag that a YT did, so if we do the same thing about the steam release of BL3, would Gearbox go through with it? Give some feedback, cause a lot of people would enjoy the steam release early

They didn’t do it when the giant wave of backlash happened when it was announced before the game actually launched. I doubt anything will get them to end that exclusivity period early.

Well, here is the thing, that was through Steam, and that is where Steam implemented a Off-Topic system on reviews, so maybe a some kind of petition, would help?

That went beyond steam actually. The review bombing was only 1 symptom of the backlash the announcement caused.

Also isn’t Epic Stores not supported by other countries?

Pretty sure they exclude china; could it be the deal was to also use UE4? Thought epic created the latest version…

Epic is such a garabage launcher, they held back on all there features cause they spent tons of money on exclusivity deals, I bet BL3 on Steam will probably would rake in more money on launch then it did on Epic.

It wasn’t gearbox’s deal, it was 2k.
Furthermore, the deal is already etched in stone(or legally binding contract paper) and paid for. To cancel it now is almost certainly impossible, even if anyone that has the power to do so ever wanted to(which they won’t)

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