Would it be possible to use this type of capture system?

Once i get set up and everything one of the teams i will start off with will be the beast team. Now main way of capturing ships as far as i can figure right now would be kamikaze cruise missiles just like in cata. Right now in HWU they latch onto the ship and capture like marines frigates, so should it be possible to get a ship captured through a kamikaze system like in hwc and also the number of hits required to switch control over say we keep it the way it used to be. 1 to take a frigate, 3 to take a processor and destroyers, 5 or 6 for cruisers?

Ah, the good old days of cataclysm.

However it may be hard to do:

Because of the strange way ships ‘Dock’ with the ship they are capturing this may not be possible at this time. The best thing to do is to ask one of the developers. They’ll know more than me.

I should have poised it as a ? mark but i forgot to include it in there lol., old habits die hard.

Just change the title

The reason i came here was because of the title

Like “Click here to find out what lies inside” Must read because of the title :wink:

What about making the ship “die” and spawn a new ship belonging to the player that killed it?

Small brainwave: Make infection weapons into EMP weapons, have a script to watch for any ship getting fully disabled. and sideswap them.

Unsolved problems: How do you decide who gets the ship if there are multiple beast players?

The last ship to shoot and bring the number down enough to be captured should be the one to get the prize. Is that doable?

I don’t think the functions exist to get that information, is the thing. If they did, that would be fine.