Would it be worth saving "The Bee" mission for TVHM?

I’m getting close for TVHM, I’ve done TVHM before and I never had trouble with it. It’s just kinda annoying, it’s at the point of it’s still kinda easy and somewhat of a challenge. You mainly wanna get through it as fast as you can so you can get to the real challenge/fun and that’s UVHM.

I’m getting near the side quest where you get “The Bee” I haven’t accepted it yet but…how far would it take me if I just hold off on getting it and accept it when I finish the game, so it scales with my level at the beginning of TVHM.

I can honestly see if being annoying due to low shield capability through out THVM, but that power it gives you on your guns!

It’s not a guaranteed mission reward; you’ll need to farm Hunter H. for it. I’d do the mission now if you still need eridium. Once you complete the main story, that map will go to level 50 if you want to do it again. If you have the Tiny Tina DLC, the Forest gives you more chances to get a Bee per run anyway.

Edit: Once you do that mission, you can restart your game and go back over and over, since Hunter H. respawns each time. Anything he drops will be map level or up to 2 levels below.

Unless I’m playing as Krieg I usually farm the Bee from Hunter on my way through. It can make bullet sponges (like Saturn) go down much faster as I progress.

I thought you had to save the missions until end game for the enemies to scale with you O_O Haha well thank you my man, you just saved me a whole bit of trouble then! I’ll just try to farm for one now to help me speed through these end game bits and farm him again after I finish the game to get a scaled version :slight_smile: thanks a bunch <3

Just realised that you may be talking about NVHM going into TVHM? Not sure now…


  • NVHM - enemies do not scale, and neither do the maps, even after completing main story. DLCs and other packs will be either their minimum level, your level the first time you enter, or their maximum level (30 for DLCs 1&2 and 35 for DLCs 3&4)

  • TVHM - everything scales to 50 once you complete the main story. All maps rescale, as do all misisons that you have NOT accepted. Missions you accepted but haven’t turned in yet stay level-locked and don’t rescale.

  • UVHM - everything scales with you all the time. Mission rewards for quests you accepted but haven’t turned in yet stay level-locked and don’t rescale.

The Bee will speed up the process on raids, but for regular gameplay it’s better to pick a shield that offers protection. You have enough power for the regular mobs anyway. The Bee has a long delay, and will be broken a lot of the time. That leaves you with no amp damage and no protection. Highway to FFYL!

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Would it still be long when I’m using Axton? He has very fast recharging skills :slight_smile:


Axton is good at keeping the bee up so if you have one with a 7 second delay he can cut it down to around 4. Lower with pressure in affect.

Axton and Maya can compensate for the long delay, but it means spending skill points that you might want somewhere else. And even if the shield is up, it doesn’t offer as much protection as other shields. The amp damage is REALLY nice, but it’s overkill against regular enemies.

The Bee is a double edged sword. It’s very good when it’s up, but it can put you in a really tight spot when it’s broken. Use it wisely! :wink:

For what it’s worth, I have only used the Bee in UVHM, and mostly end-game at that. (Largely because I was very unlucky during NVHM and TVHM with all my characters!) There are also blue and purple amp shields which give you a boost on your first shot (that then drains the shield somewhat) - useful for sniping that first shot. I usually go with other things though: spike or nova for dense areas with lots of melee enemy attacks; adaptive or turtle if there’s a lot of elemental, absorption if I keep running out of ammo, etc.

On my first ever play though I used a white amp shield to kill the warrior because at the time I thought inflammable made u immune to fire. I also had no clue what the shield did but it worked.

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Aaaah… Those were the days!

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Just play the Tiny Tina dlc until you reach the Forest- much better chance of getting a Bee from the treants than HH…

Not worth it in NVHM I’d have thought (unless you stay away from Unassuming Docks until level 30). I’d save it for the end of TVHM after completing main story, and as often as wanted in UVHM.

All this is true- but he would still have a better chance of getting a Bee from the treants rather than HH, which was my point. When he decides to do so is entirely up to him…:sunglasses:

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The delays for The Bee can by and large be eliminated by using Badass boosts though. With 100% speed increase + 100% delay reduction The Bee really shines, especially if you combine it with +100% gun damage and +100% fire rate :stuck_out_tongue: