Would like to do some raids or digistruct

i need some help with some things i dont have any friends that are on UVHM yet and would like to kill hyperious and maybe a vermi spawn so i can get the stupid norfleet that i have never seen before my psn is thebatman2837

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My psn is icerunner45. I’m always down to raid some bosses.

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Same here or Peak runs as well. I’m on most nights 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami

Are you on now?

I’m on right now. I can do a few boss kills if anyone wants to play.

Can add me for Digi Peak runs. Currently OP2 looking to hit OP8 on my Siren.

PSN - Sithgear75

can anyone get on here soon to help i would really like to kill hyperious for norfleet but i dont care

What level and what time are you on? PSN?

im 72 and on right now