Would like to see a Horror DLC and Arenas for PvP!

Don’t be a Steve. Always use Spoiler tags.

There are two things that i would like to see added through future DLC.

Firstly, There is a lot of negativity around the final boss of the game, as many feel that it lacked a certain “it” factor of a typical climactic showdown. However, i personally loved the aesthetic of the boss. It felt very Dead Space to me, which surprised me as i don’t think that many other Borderlands enemies have very horror-esque aesthetics. I would love to see another Horror themed DLC, as the last major one we got was all the way back in Borderlands 1 ie. The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. As the overall atmosphere of Borderlands 3 is more deep-space oriented, i would love to see either a Dead Space or Alien (Ridley Scott Film) themed DLC. I think that it could be interesting if Gearbox mixed the two genres (Horror and Comedy) together.

Secondly, I would love to see the return of the Arenas from Borderlands 1. I’ve personally played through every main borderlands game (BL1, BL2, TPS, BL3), and i’ve done them all mainly playing solo. However, quite recently i’ve started playing more couch coop with my roommates, and some of the most fun we’ve been having has been dueling each other! I would love to see dedicated areas for PvP. Granted i understand i’m in the minority of those that actually enjoy the PvP aspects of the game, but i’m curious to see what you guys think?

Would you like to see the return of Arenas?
Are there anything that you think could be an interesting/fun addition to Borderlands 3?

IF we wanted PVP we all would have bought a PVP game. I play BL1, BL2 and BL3 because i don’t want to be bothered by immature kids or evil people who get a kick out of taking form others. This is the only reason i refused to play Fallout 76, i love the series. But when they make the game PVP they lost my money forever.
If they make a small arena for you guys who feel you have to do pvp, great. But leave the game alone


I think pvp is bad for borderlands, adding pvp would make the recent nerfs pale to what we would see.

I honestly think the market of pvp and over in one game is a thing from the past

With all the combos of skill and gear over just isn’t friendly to borderlands.

Dueling is fine, it’s pretty much a pointless add on.


Battleborn was a good example of this problem, some skills were broken in pvp so they had to be fixed, but that fix made them terrible for pve.

So no matter what gearbox did they either seemed to anger one side of the game.



I was not saying that I want Borderlands to be a PvP game. I actually enjoy cooperative games to competitive games much more, as I find working together much more rewarding! I think that it would be awesome if there were singular PvP Arenas (like in Borderlands 1) on each of the planets. I don’t think there should be any other incentive than the ability to organize a night with the boys where you can just compete against each other if you want! I do not want the base formula of Borderlands to be changed as i love the gameplay loop, but i’d love to have some Arenas to just mess around in!


I was just about to post these same thoughts exactly Derch, saved me the trouble :slight_smile:

This forum would end up with 500 threads a day complaining about every minor tweak bcs pvp is not “balanced” would be a total nightmare and pretty sure go’s at least part way to why the devs dropped them after bl1, way too much hassle for such little benefit to the playerbase.

I have no issue with a special place for guys to do PVP, thats what they did with Elder Scolls online, i liked it. It didn’t mess with my game. Too bad about Fallout though. They lost my business for god with the PVP.

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What you could do man, is pick a zone you enjoy wipe out a camp of mobs and make that your dueling arena with the added fun of not knowing if the respawn will aid you or your rival :slight_smile:


If Battleborn is of any indication balancing wise, PvP is a very bad idea for BL.

Derch was ahead of me.

A horror themed DLC wouldn’t work for me either if we get yet another Zombie Island. I really don’t like that DLC. Plus Eden 6 already has a moment that gets a bit horror-ish.


Yeah, i get that! you can’t make everyone happy! The PvP as it is its just a side activity (Which is great). And again it’s just a personal wish! If they implemented a sort of level reset, where potentially everyone is set to level one while in the PvP arena where you could choose from loadouts, i think that it could work! although you wouldn’t have the customization or loadouts that you’ve earned through the game, it would allow for a relatively fair PvP space that would have no impact on the base game! Again, i prefer the Cooperative play of Borderlands, just thought it could be a fun competitive way to waste time with the gents!

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I agree! I was terribly disappointed with Fallout 76.

What would you like to see instead? And what didn’t you like about the Zombie Island?

Truth! That’s a damn good idea!

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Psychological horror works far better for me personally if we were to stick with the theme.
Didn’t like the DLC because it was all about zombies, it really was an era where you couldn’t get around that.

Yeah that’s understandable! I can also admit that Psychological horror and Borderlands would never be able to work together :sweat_smile: I guess i meant more that i’d love to see more of a horror aesthetic while having it remain within the realm of Borderlands relative light-heartedness and humour!

That’s fair. I am really not going to expect B3 to turn into System Shock. Fight for Sanctuary already got freaky enough for the series in the case of Cassius.

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It looks, to me, like someone didn’t get the memo about the upcoming Bloody Harvest event.

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Nah, i’m talking more about a major DLC add-on, not a timed holiday event!

I like the space horror idea mixed with some comedy. Would love for Gearbox to do a Space Horror Parody of Event Horizon Spaceballs mashup. And give a huge part to Tiny Tina.

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