Would like to see a Incursion Map with 2+ lanes

I would like to see GBX release a map for Incursion that has two lanes instead of just one. Give the game mode a little more of a MOBA feel. Two lanes of minions, with two frontline sentry, converging into the final sentry. Put a little bit of a jungle in the middle with thrall camps and shard spots.

With a multi-lane map you could add other elements to the game, such as smaller thrall camps that would give you 3-4 smaller thralls that maybe buff minion bots or do a little more dmg than minions. Possibly do a camp to get a shield bot to help push minions up.

Incursion is my fav of the game types, but I like the multi-lanes in Meltdown. It would be nice to see a fusion of the two, possibly into a new game type altogether. I really like the 2v2/Jungler type dynamic. Or to see other strats, like stacking one side in a 3v2, sacrificing the middle spot. Just would give a little more variation and strategy to the game imo.


I would love this as it would give characters that act like junglers a chance to be one. Like Caldarius. Rath would do amazingly as well as he could just fight Thralls, pop out and kill, heal and repeat. I think it would have to be two mini sentries personally, and I’d want it to be set in the Detritus Ring or maybe even the Arcfleet. BECAUSE THEY BOTH LOOK AMAZING AND WE ALREADY HAVE 6 EKKUNAR MAPS AND 1 BLISS AND TWO TEMPEST. FORGET THE EKKUNAR.

I will second this!
I do like Incursion, but Meltdown is still by far my favourite game mode because you have to keep track of two lanes.
Squishy characters who depend more on Movement would also be more viable in Incursion. Not saying they are not viable at all, but Assassin characters have a harder time in Incursion than in Meltdown.
(Also there were two lanes in SMNC, and I do miss that a lot.)

Make it happen GBX. Make. It. Happen.

That would be an elegant way to bring back the Shepherd Bots (which are currently disabled in Incursion), while still keeping them from being too snowballish, if the shard cost is high enough.
It would also mean that the existing maps would need a small rework to add building spots, so I guess that’s not likely to happen outside of a major patch.

Overall, two-lane Incursion would be awesome :laughing:

Another way to make Jungle(Assassin) characters have further utilization is to possibly add in a different Shard dynamic. For example big Shard Clusters in the Jungle could give the entire team shards, not just the player who gets them. That would make the Jungle role more technical rather than just straight killer.

I feel Shard gathers should be a team shared thing anyway. It sometimes sucks to be a front line tank or brawler, always engaged to have to stop and go hunt for shard clusters. This would also add some map control dynamics to the games.

I think the Large Shard Clusters should be shared, the smaller ones could stay individual.

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They could even experiment with other ways to obtain the Shepard Bots. Something like controlling a point for a certain amount of time, then you get the Shepard. The point has a cooldown time that starts after the Shepard is destroyed, then comes back online to capture again. That would give a pretty unique twist to things i think.


It sounds like it would be great fun. especially if the large shards were shared

I feel like the Large Shard Clusters should be team shared anyway. At the very least a percentage.