Would love to play through Borderlands X as Battleborn characters

That would be amazing. Not sure how it would work. Either select Borderlands maps and missions would be imported into Battleborn as some sort of DLC pack. Or we’d add select Battleborn characters to the classes in Borderlands.

Perhaps the helixes would be adapted into skill trees.

Guns and equipment would be equip-able.

Who would you want to see most in Borderlands?

I want to keep them separate, but if we must, Oscar would be a good fit, Ghalt would be too similar to Sal and Nisha (dual-wielding is all), and… mmmmmaybe Caldarius would work? Ult would need some touching up though.

I wish they DEFINITELY keep them seperate, but I suppose whiskey foxtrot

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I can see the possible benefit of keeping them separate. But I also see the huge potential benefits of a crossover pack in either game. Reuse of assets and ideas. I’m sure it wouldn’t be as easy as it sounds in many cases. But the easiest part is that they own both properties and can do what they want with them.

The big possible downside is how “canon” it would be. The answer is probably not at all. But Gearbox would know how to play that. “Get the latest and most not-canon DLC for Borderlands ever!”