Would love to see a Glitch rarity guns/gun in bl2

I was thinking how cool it would be if we could get a glitch weapon as a shift code or someting or just add one to the loot table in borderlands 2 i really loved the glitch weapons in borderland tps or even get one in borderlands 3 it just seems like such a wast to keep such cool weapon type in just one game

Move your hope down to BL3 or the BL2 PC modders. Else it’ll be meaningless and potentially painful. :wink:

Note that the glitch weapon only exist in one game of the franchise because it happens to be the last installment to date. Who knows they will bring it back or maybe something else even better later.

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Some of those would be silly broken. Esp with the bee being what it is in bl2.

You couldn’t keep your glitch going like Jack can in tps, so it’d be just a lot of shoot reload.

I would like a loop glitched snider for my siren, though.

If they put them in bl3 I’d like to see a way to reprogram your gun. It’s bad enough farming parts, let alone the right glitches.

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Luneshine Norfleet or Butcher

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Oh dear god the power of that thing would be insane

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Loop Glitch + Jakobs Coach Gun + Money Shot.

explosion noises

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Actually, there is/was a glitch weapon in BL2.

Evil Smasher

The gimmick was that sometimes when you reloaded, it became a lot stronger. 10 times, if memory serves me. But pretty soon, people learned that this glitch could be transferred to other guns, and as long as you didn’t reload, the glitch was active. This might not seem like such a big deal, but when people also learned that this glitch could be stacked, the gamebreaker was a fact. Evil Smasher glitch on the Infinity pistol was insane.

Don’t quite remember at which point it was patched, but it broke the game completely. These days, the Evil Smasher is as useful as diving gear in the Sahara desert.


They wouldn’t look half bad either, so good with that “Luneshine” skin :thumbsup: