Would Love to see, remade and offered for "Free with Gold" on Xbox1

as the title says, I would love to see this game remastered and offered on Xbox 1 as “Free with Gold” for a month or would even pay for something along the lines of how Gearbox did Borderlands 2 and BL TPS and offered them on the newer consoles (maybe something like all Duke titles and DLC’s in one bundle).

Loved playing the campaign and DLCs on Xbox 360 and think the game would look and play a lot better on the Xbox 1.

or even “Duke Nukem Forever” as backward compatible for the Xbox 1, would even re-buy it if had to

Or you could play the PC version, which is still available, can be played with the Xbox One controller (even though I don’t know why anyone would play a PC FPS with any other controller than mouse and keyboard) and looks better than the Xbox 360 version.