Would someone be so kind as to redirect me to Fl4k's best fade away build?

I’d really appreciate it. I’m using fade away and the returning ammo OPness of course, and a nice torgue shotgun while I get ready to farm queen’s call.

But if there is discussion that included ideal shield and class mod that’d be nice too. (I’m aware you might want to swap some out depending on the circumstance, like having a favorited slide mod for traveling)

To summarize my priorities:
I’d like a link to a discussion where the best skill setup for fl4k has been somewhat optimized.
I’d like some knowledge on which weapon choices are ideal (flakker for AoE campaign clearing, pipebomb while it lasts, torgue shotty, lyuda, queen’s call?)
I’d like some knowledge on which skills to boost with class mod, ideal shield mods etc.