Would someone please boost my new character? <3

Hello everyone!. I recently bought borderlands: The handsome collection, for my xbox one s, and i would really love if someone would boost my newly made mechromancer to max level? I would really appreciate it, i can’t really repay you in any way, but i would still really appreciate it!
My gamer tag is HbuskM

P.s i don’t know if this is the right board for this post, but i hope it’s okay!

You may find this useful

appreciate the reply, but it doesn’t seem to be exactly what i’m looking for. I don’t mean to be pissy, and ungrateful, but i’d just love if someone could invite me to their game on a higher playthrough and maybe kill the warrior a couple of times. i honestly don’t know how much work it is to be able to powerlevel me, but the reason i’d want a quick and very high level boost, is so i can do the same for my friends

I mean, i don’t really see how i’m that pushy, sure, i get it. i can’t really offer anything, not that i know of anyway. sure, i’m lazy, but why not ask anyway, i played the game a lot on the 360 years ago, and i just took a chance, so i can help my friends. If you’re not interested, that’s fine, no reason to insult me

If you don’t like a thread, don’t post in it.

actually I use the BarRoom Brawl (on OP 8) which gives the most XP in the quickest amount of time IMO (I’ve used the warrier and Bunker for ones that just had vanilla BL 2 on the 360, just to slow). And I can do just a few levels or take the toons to 72 and then run the OP levels.
and I don’t ask anything for it, just that you do the same for someone else

from 1 to 72, about 5 hours split up, into 3 evenings

Would you do it for me? i’d be incredibly grateful, and i will be sure to help out others however i can

I don’t know how to delete a thread, so i’ll just say i got the help i needed!

Okay, thread closed. Have fun!